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It’s getting cold as the dark nights draw in during the winter months. Moving home can be tough at any time of year. However, winter just makes you want to cosy up and hibernate. Therefore winter is a good time to rearrange the furniture and focus on your interiors. We’ve come up with a few winter decorating ideas that we hope will inspire you.

How to decorate your home with our winter decorating ideas

There are a few things you can do to decorate during the winter to make your home feel cosier. You may want to consider interior design logistics if your struggling for ideas or just can’t find the time. However if you do wish to do your own interior design follow these few steps to a successful winter home transformation.


The first thing when moving into a new home is to design and decorate your bedroom as this is one room you will be spending the most time. It’s also important to get this right the first time round, so use a website like Houzz.com to give yourself some interior design inspiration.

Due to the dark nights drawing in a lot quicker during the winter months and important aspect to consider is the lighting you have in your bedroom. You don’t want anything that will be too harsh; we recommend you install warmer lighting, it will make the space feel romantic and cosy.

You will want to make your bedroom aesthetically pleasing if this is going to be your safe haven in the winter. Consider cushions and warm blankets when looking at interior design, they all add to the décor and can help you create a theme. Regarding colour, look at autumnal tones such as plumbs and greys. Knitted blankets are a great way to make you bedroom look more comfy, providing a barn feel to the room.

Winter floral arrangements

Choosing what ornaments and arrangements you want in and around the house will all be depending on your mood and how your feeling at the time. We suggest looking at whites, greens, and silvers to create a beautiful and fragrant winter arrangement.

Another colour that works really well during winter is red. Red floral arrangements set into a chrome or gold vase adds a winterberry vibe to your home.

The lounge

To create a cosy and inviting lounge we suggest (if you have one), to make your fireplace the central point of the room. Bringing everything in the room closer to the fireplace will bring warmth and make the family feel close during the cold dark evenings.

If you find that you have either tile or wooden flooring in your lounge a great injection of colour can be by adding a rug. It will also make you feel more warm and cosy under your feet. Additionally, curtains are a good to have during the winter months, shutting them will make you feel safe and friendly. Curtains actually work as a really good insulation tool as well so you will benefit once they are closed.

During the summer months, you may not feel that lamps are necessary with all the natural light coming through the house. However, by introducing lamps, you can set the mood of the room, with lower wattage bulbs it will instantly make the room feel cosy.

One thing we love is having a trunk full of blankets for you, your family and friends. Everyone loves snuggling up on the sofa during the cold winter months watching tv, the best way to do this is with plenty of blankets, that means no one is fighting over corners of a blanket.

If you are living in a more open plan living space, you may find that you are struggling to make your home feel cosy and keep it warm. One thing we have discovered that instantly makes your home feel snugger is by separating the room into sections by adding furniture. Corner sofas, bookshelves and adding dark imagery and paintings to the wall will bring your room together, additionally, by having darker tones, this absorbs lighting and will rapidly tighten the room.


Rather than going out and sitting in the garden as you would in the summer, you will want to make your kitchen a place where you, your family and friends want to spend time. Many dinner parties will be hosted in your kitchen, so it’s about time you get your winter interior right. Add floral arrangements and candles to create a cosy atmosphere.

Having a large table you can sit around with low lighting will create an atmosphere for you and your friends. Placing big and bold statement centrepieces to inject colour. Also thinking about the colours and tones of your china will help add to your home décor. Golds are brilliant for making your items look expensive and can be easily paired with other colours.


Finally whilst we’re on the topic of winter décor we may as well dabble in a little Christmas decorations to warm up your home. Christmas is one of the happiest occasions we celebrate every year, this is why as a nation we love to decorate our homes and make it as inviting as possible. We all know that red symbolizes the festive season and it’s a colour we love. We believe it looks best for baubles and china wear, bringing vibrancy to your Christmas feast. We have taken a look at 2017 Christmas trends and its evident that reds, silver, and white are this years go to colour schemes. We have also seen a lot of white Christmas trees, now these can look tacky and cheap but touching them up with elegant glass baubles and injecting them with subtle colour can create a magazine-worthy Christmas tree. Maisons Du Monde have unique Christmas decorations, we love there apple inspired baubles.


While you may be decorating your home during the winter, we suggest that you strongly think about the colours of your walls and permanent fittings. Cushions, blankets, and ornaments are all changeable depended on the season. We recommend working towards a cosy more comfortable interior during the winter to make you feel more homely considering you will most likely be spending your evenings at home rather than out and about.

You can make your home much more inviting for friends and family by simply adding a blanket trunk, providing guests with warmth.

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