Easter weekend moving property advice

For most, the Easter weekend is an opportunity to spend time with family, enjoy some fantastic chocolaty treats and relax. However, the Easter weekend has much more to it than that.

After completing some research – Easter is the oldest festival within the Christian Church and represents the resurrection of Christ. Many Christians will celebrate the Easter weekend by attending Church and spending time with family instead of exchanging Chocolate coated eggs.

However, we are here to give you some support and advice on moving home during the Easter period. We will look to cover the following point.

Things to Consider for the Easter Weekend

  • General Availability
  • Access to Key Contacts
  • Traffic
  • Additional Costs

#1 General Availability

As it is a bank holiday weekend – the availability of your most important tools may well become limited. Simply because you’re suddenly free doesn’t necessarily mean that everything else will be able to fall into place.

Many stores, both convenience and retail will probably be closed, or at least limited to reduced opening hours.

If you intend on moving property over Easter, make sure that you have planned everything well in advance. Contact the existing owners and make sure that they are available – they may have decided to visit family for the weekend or have a holiday planned during the Easter break.

Removal companies in London may well be limited too. This could make moving your items more difficult. You would then be 100% reliant on yourself, your transport and any help that family and friends can provide.

#2 Access to Key Contacts

When you move home, there are many elements that need to drop into place to make everything run smoothly. Unfortunately, 90% of the time these elements never come together when you want them to.

As a result, trying to get all of these contacts and elements to collaborate over an Easter weekend will be extremely difficult. Estate agents, solicitors, surveyors, homeowners, mortgage consultants and everyone else involved in the move will nee to be available. As the Easter weekend is a bank holiday, some, if not all of these professionals will likely be unavailable.

We would advise you to get prepared for your move during the Easter break – but try not to get your hopes hanging on a set moving in date. It will be much easier if you move to your new home during a standard weekend.

You may even want to consider hiring a man and van in London to help move your items during the week as rates tend to become slightly cheaper, allowing you to save a little cash.

#3 Traffic

At the very best of times, traffic in London and other major cities is an absolute nightmare. A simple 20 minute journey can end up taking hours if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now I am not too sure about you – but I wouldn’t want to be lugging my possessions to and from a new home on the Tube. It’s hot, cramped and can be extremely uncomfortable and knowing most peoples luck – there will probably be a strike to battle with too!

Even through hiring a removals agency to help you, things will be tricky. The solution? Don’t bother. Be patient and wait for a different weekend that isn’t a bank holiday on both the Friday and Monday.

#4 Additional Costs

If you are able to have a confirmed moving date over the Easter weekend, firstly – congratulations, it’s not easily achieved and secondly, be cautious of the additional charges that may come with it.

Removal companies and transportation services can become nothing short of extortionate, especially public transportation such as busses, taxi cabs and trains.

Plan your journey and moving times in advance. If you do end up using a removal company – see if they would be available during the mornings – the earlier the better really. This will help you to miss out on major traffic as people start going away for the weekend and can help you have everything moved much quicker.


Moving at the best of times is hard work and exhausting. However, moving over the Easter weekend seems to add even more chaos to the mix, as a number of different factors tend to come into play.

The availability of the current homeowners will be more difficult to work with. If you cannot contact them and confirm a date, then unfortunately, there is not much that can be done.

A number of contacts will likely be unavailable. Your key contacts such as mortgage consultants and solicitors will need to be easily contactable which will always be tricky over a bank holiday weekend.

Be wary of the additional costs of public transportation and trade services. Not all will be the same of course, however, some rogue traders will try to make some quick cash. Make sure that you keep your whit’s about you.

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