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There’s no doubt that moving home is an incredibly exciting time, but it also has its drawbacks. Of course, amongst the carnage and chaos that surrounds moving home, you come how need to find the time to keep on top of general cleaning tasks, whether that be in your current home or new one.

Incredibly, a standard domestic clothes steamer can be an absolute winner when it comes down to cleaning everyday items quickly and with minimal effort.

This weeks article will focus on the growing uses for clothes steamers during a domestic removal in London. We’re going to cover a number of useful tips that you can start to implement at home, including:

  • Removing unwanted grease
  • How you can sanitize your work surfaces
  • Resurrecting your upholstery
  • How you can completely remove dirty grout
  • Defrosting and preparing freezers
  • Cleaning and maintaining shower curtains
  • Tackling the hard to reach areas in your car

Tackling the unwanted grease from your oven:

Its natural for cooking appliances to collect grease and grime so finding a way to get your cooking appliances ready for a move can be frustrating, but don’t panic – your clothes steamer could be about to save you a fortune in oven cleaning services.

All you need to do is focus the steamer over the built up grime and use the same back and forth motion. After a few minutes you’ll notice the grease will start to come away leaving your appliances spotless ready for packing.

Sanitize the work surfaces:

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or your doing the good thing and cleaning down your work surfaces ready for the new owners – your clothes steamer can be used as an incredibly efficient sanitizing tool.

And added bonus is the fact that you don’t even need to use any cleaning chemicals which makes it even more satisfying. The steam that gets generated with the cleaner supposedly kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, keeps mess down to a minimum and is incredibly easy to implement.

Save your upholstery with a quick steam clean:

If you’ve kept your furniture in storage in London then it can be tempting to have it dry cleaned to make sure that its in good, clean condition when you move into your new home.

However, there is a far more affordable way to get your furniture and upholstery sparkling once more.

Your steam cleaner has many uses, and has proven to be an effective cleansing tool for upholstered items such as fabric curtains, material sofas and armchairs, bedding, rugs and more textiles.

Simply direct the steam onto the areas that need to be cleaned and you’re ready to go!

Get rid of the grime and dirt from grouting:

How often do you look at the grouting between the tiles when you’re in the shower and ask yourself how you’re going to get rid of it? Well if you’re like me, its every time you step in!

You might be trying to find ways of improving the likability of your property to upcoming buyers or you could simply be getting it ready to sell, either way you can use your steam cleaner to remove the unwanted dirt from your grouted tile areas.

Have your freezer defrosted and prepared for moving:

You always see it advised on housekeeping websites and articles – you need to defrost your freezer once a year . . . but how and how do you get it so clean?

Step in the steam cleaner.

Simply allow the freezer enough time to defrost and wipe down the damp areas. Remember to be careful as most steam cleaners are electrical – the last thing you need is a trip to A&E after getting electrocuted.

When the freezer has been emptied out, simply use your steam cleaner as normal to remove the dirt, grime and excess bacteria that may have built up.

Get your shower curtains sparkling!

Going back to the subject of showers, why not use your clothes and steam cleaner to get the excess dirt off of any shower curtains and glass doors? Lots of showers tend to hold onto dirt that builds up over time – even with the use of shower cleaners, it still persists and becomes extremely difficult to remove.

The heat and humidity that builds up when you use the shower can cause mould to form and in some cases, when it sticks it can become very hard to remove.

Your steam cleaner cannot only remove the mould and damp but it also acts as a cleansing sanitizer, removing bacteria in the process.

Getting to hard to reach areas in your car:

Now then, we’re all guilty of treating our cars as a portable dustbin and wardrobe at times and in some cases small bits of rubbish and grime can build up in the areas that you don’t usually see.

Of course, there’s the option to use small handheld vacuums but they’re limited when it comes down to glass and windows.

You can use your steamer to give the front and rear screen and thorough cleanse – exactly what you need when you use your own vehicle during a residential removal.

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