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Incredibly, back in 2014 – the UK government released a data sheet that stated that commercial and industrial manufacturers in England alone produced 19.8 million tonnes of waste products. All of these items had the potential to be reborn through upcycling and transformed into new items for various domestic properties and corporate buildings.

Davis and Mac work closely with a number of talented interior designers to help them transport and position upcycled items into domestic housing and corporate offices through our removals in London, transforming dull, boring spaces into something that is truly incredible.

So What is Upcycling?

Many people are unaware of the benefits of upcycling.

The official definition of upcycling is:

“re-use (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.”

A lot of the talented interior designers that we work closely with, spend a lot of time researching and transforming waste furniture and materials for their projects. To most, a battered coffee table listed on various classified websites would not be so appealing, however, to an experienced interior designer with a creative eye – this has the potential to be something amazing.

Where To Find Upcycling Opportunities

If you look closely enough, upcycling opportunities can be found almost anywhere, providing that you look hard enough and in the right places.

Fortunately, we have asked a few of the interior designers that we work with to give us a few useful tips and places to look for “old” and “tired” furniture that could potentially be rejuvenated with a lick of paint.

If you fancy giving upcycling a go, why not consider looking in these places?

  • Charity Shops
  • Car Boot Sales
  • Independent Furniture Stores
  • Markets
  • Online Furniture Retailers & Manufacturers

Of course, there are so many other areas that you can look for waste materials and products – but these are a few good places to get you started.

Charity Shops
Many of the items that are available in charity shops have come through donations from local businesses and volunteers. However, for a small fee – usually no more than £10, you can really pick up some great items that can be easily transformed.

Car Boot Sales
Arguably, car boot sales can be tricky to find these days. However, if you do manage to find one that is local to you, the chances of finding some real gems are quite high.

What some previous owners consider to be “junk” could be exactly what you are looking for.

Independent Furniture Stores
There is no reason why you couldn’t approach some of the larger chains here in the UK for old, damaged waste products. However, you will have a far greater success and response rate if you get in touch with some local businesses.

If they create bespoke furniture on site – then they will have so much waste material that you can potentially put to good use.

Again – another dying area really.

Markets can be a great place to locate unwanted larger items such as shelving units, coffee tables and even bedframes.

With a little TLC, paint and a small sanding tool – these items could become flawless.

Online Furniture Manufacturers
Now these guys will have plenty of waste products that you can use.

However, some companies may be a little cautious due to health and safety laws. Although, there is a massive opportunity to save in recycling costs here on their part.

Small items of excess wood, damaged furniture – you name it, it is there waiting for you to claim it.

5 Common Items That Get Upcycled

We briefly mentioned some of the items that get upcycled earlier in this post, but let us remind you what items are out there that you can put to good use without spending a fortune.

Again, these items have been selected by some of the great designers that we provide interior logistics for in London.

  • Coffee Tables
  • Shelving Units
  • Garden Chairs
  • Storage Units
  • Dining Tables

Coffee Tables
Wooden coffee tables tend to be one of the most popular items that designers look for when redesigning a properties layout. Whether they are to be used as a genuine coffee table or simply for decoration.

Coffee tables can be easily treated and can quickly become an entirely new item with a little basic DIY.

Shelving Units
Many new homeowners like the idea of a “vintage” look in their home. Finding an old shelving unit is a great way to incorporate that into any design. Simply stripping back the original paintwork can make the shelving look unique.

Many of the designers we work with will do this and apply various painting techniques to add that extra “vintage” look.

Garden Chairs
As we get closer and closer to summer, many homeowners are preparing their gardens for BBQ’s and family occasions. Garden furniture can be quite expensive and upcycling could be what makes it considerably cheaper when finding a new set.

Most garden furniture sets some with chairs, finding an old, pre-owned set can be easily redeveloped into something that looks as good as new. All you need is some sand paper and all weather paint.

Storage Units and Dining Tables
Following closely behind coffee tables – internal storage units and dining tables are certainly also upcycled by interior designers for properties. Like many wooden items, they can be easily treated and transformed, saving you money and time shopping for expensive replacements.


So what is upcycling?

It is the process of taking waste products or materials and transforming them into something of better or greater value. Upcycling helps to reduce the amount of waste that is produced and sent to landfill sites in the UK.

Popular items that are used for upcycling include coffee tables, dining sets, internal storage units and even garden furniture.

Davis and Mac work closely with a number of really talented interior designers to help transport these upcycled items with a reliable man and van London.

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