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If you’re stuck for ideas on how to extravagantly decorate your child’s bedroom, we have come up with a few unique ideas. Nonetheless, you will need a rather substantial budget as these bedroom designs do not come with a small price tag. Whatever your son or daughter’s interests are, we have come up with enough ideas to accommodate everyone. Here are a few unique children’s bedroom ideas.

Children’s Bedroom Ideas: What to Consider First:

Before you make any purchases, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Children’s furniture can be extortionate, and furniture companies will often exploit you. You can end up paying a lot of money for a very poorly made piece of furniture. Make sure to do your research into a good quality craftsman to get the most from your money. Stay within your means and try not to get too carried away and go drastically over budget.

Talk about room designs with your child and make sure they will appreciate it as much as you. Make sure the theme is based on a subject they are genuinely passionate about. Make sure that you opt for a theme that will remain suitable and age appropriate as they start to grow up. If you have tiny children, they will hopefully enjoy the room for a lot longer than older children who are likely to grow out of it quicker. When one child grows out of the room, you can always pass it on to younger siblings in the future if they have similar interests. Either way, whatever theme you pick, your child is likely to grow out of it within the next three years. Children’s interests and enthusiasm for specific topics fluctuate all the time and its unlikely they’ll still appreciate a pirate themed bedroom by the time they are 15.

Jungle Theme Room

This theme is perfect for both nurseries and older children’s bedrooms. It is gender neutral and ideal for all ages. Nature lovers and keen explorers will find plenty of adventure and room for imagination in a jungle-inspired bedroom. Start by painting the walls in jungle theme colours. You can use stencils to paint palm trees and animals onto the walls. This job will be much easier if you’re naturally creative. If you know that painting wild animals onto the walls of your home is too much of a challenge, you can opt for a jungle themed wallpaper. You can also look around for jungle animal wall stickers which can look effective.

The bed in any bedroom is always the main feature, so you need to find one that fits with your theme and stands out. Extravagant high sleeper beds that have an additional slide and ladder can quickly double up as a climbing frame. If this style of bed is a little over what you’re willing to pay for a bed, you can always invest in some groovy jungle theme bed sheets and duvet covers. This will maintain your jungle theme room without going over budget.

Under the Sea

This is another room theme that is highly appropriate for children of all ages and is, again, impartial to gender. Although this room can be designed relatively gender neutral, you could alternatively decide to involve either an element of boats, sharks, or mermaids; depending on what your children are more interested in. Again you can find a wide variety of stunning ocean wallpapers online that are guaranteed to transform your children’s bedroom into an underwater haven.

Converting their room into an aquarium can also be reasonably straightforward. Paint the room in an ocean blue shade and decorate it with charming sea creature stickers. Remember to paint the ceiling in the same shade of blue and cover the floor with a blue carpet to achieve a proper underwater atmosphere. Look around for some sea-themed curtains that will match the rest of the room’s decor.

If you have gone down the route of promoting the mermaid theme, you can find magical duvet covers that will make your little one look like they’re a real mermaid whenever they’re tucked up in bed. This can also be a great incentive to get them to bed early. Obviously, the novelty will wear off eventually, but take advantage while you can.

Enchanted Forest

This theme gives you the freedom to incorporate all kinds of fantasy creatures into your design of the bedroom. Fairies, pixies, elves, unicorns, toadstools and woodland animals can all be included into an enchanted forest theme room. If you are skilled enough or willing to have a go, try painting a magical woodland mural on one wall of the room. You can then paint the remaining walls all in one colour, ideally a shade of green to coordinate with the forest theme.

If you’re going ahead with this bedroom theme, then an essential component is fairy lights. The addition of fairy lights is guaranteed to magically enhance your child’s bedroom. Opt for decor and furniture that is going to correlate with the rest of the room. Similarly to the mermaid duvet covers, you can purchase fairy bed sheets that will transform your little one into a fairy whenever they get into bed. Enchanted mirrors, magical teepees and fairy bunting are all great ways of incorporating the enchanted forest theme into the decor of the bedroom.

If your youngster is less interested in fairies and unicorns and more impressed by the legend of Sherwood Forest, then you can incorporate this feature into the design and decor. Consider including a Robin Hood theme mural or wall stickers to fit in with your enchanted forest theme.


Overall, we only looked into three unique children’s bedroom designs, however, from these themes stems a multitude of other ideas that you can adopt. It is essential to carefully consider which room design your child is going to get the most enjoyment out for the longest period of time. Hopefully, this article and the ideas we have included has stimulated your imagination. If you are thinking of how to redecorate your children’s bedroom due to the prospect of moving house, then Davis & Mac provide high quality man and van services in London. If you have enjoyed this read, then why not share it on your social media?

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