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After summer, our homes become the key location for coming out of the cold and relaxing. How we style our home can have a significant impact on the ambience of a room. The new trends emerging this autumn are stunningly effortless in creating a warm and inviting environment. To make your home stylish yet comfortable, why not try one of these trending interior design styles 2019.

Trending Interior Design Styles 2019: Our Top Picks

There are some simple ways in which you could add to your existing home decor to make your home look stylish this autumn. No matter what your aesthetic is; whether it be classy and sophisticated or quirky and original, there are elements of different trends that you can incorporate into your home. We have come with our favourite autumn interior styling trends to ensure that your home can look chic and stylish this season.

1. Nordic Retreat

Turning your home into a nordic retreat is the best way to make your home look cosy and warm this autumn and winter. This style centres around warm and inviting neutral colours, making your home look cosy as well as luxurious. An essence of Scandinavia, this decor style brings you a cosy Danish lifestyle.

To create this effortlessly stylish look, layer materials of different neutral colours together to create depth. Create a relaxing space by using a white, cream, soft brown and warm grey colour palette. Match these colours with appropriately warm materials such as sheep’s wool, so that it not only looks warm but feels it too.

Small changes such as your bedding, curtains or even just pillows can effortlessly change your home into a classy and luxurious place to relax. For a more dramatic look, add a statement piece into a room for a bigger impact. For a perfect example of a subtle yet dramatic piece of furniture, take a look at the Polar Bear chair on Baastool blog.

Although this growing trend was first inspired by Nordic styles, it is sometimes incorporated with a South African lifestyle. Placing warm tones and fluffy materials with wooden and wicker furniture can give a rustic and urban feel to your home. Bronze pieces such as light shades or decorative bowls can also draw on the African element of this style, highlighting the contrast between warm and cold. For more ideas on how to decorate your home in a nordic style with an African twist, take a look at IOL’s lifestyle blog. If you are thinking of purchasing large furniture such as a wooden table, why not use removals Chelsea to make your restyling easier.

Nordic Room

2. Retro

Retro decor has been a popular trend for some time and is the perfect way to create a stylish and vintage home. Although the past had its fair share of never to be repeated trends, there are elements of these trends that can be modernised and made to look classy. Incorporating seventies inspired boxed shapes and bold colour palette into your home, you can transform it into a fashionable rustic living space.

Using vibrant colours such as mustard, night greens and tan against black or white can modernise the past and make small features stand out. Materials such as velvet, wood and leather can make your statement pieces appear trendy and edgy. This style works by either block colouring your room or incorporating something old with a new twist. Place modernise this style, use whites to draw out the colours of the seventies and place flowers around the room to make it brighter and more inviting. Wood is an easy and simple way to make your room look warm and retro at the same time. Wooden tables, chairs, doors or even wooden beams, can instantly give your home character. Placing wood against white walls or brick walls can make the room look edgy.

Retro Room

3. Tropical

Leave the cold outside and enter the Bahamas with this tropical trend, giving you a warm and exotic ambience without leaving your home. For this trend, colour and light are used to brighten the room while furnishings create a stylish and tranquil aroma.

Small features can be incorporated into your existing decor to give an effortlessly classy appearance. For example, you could place wicker or wooden furniture around the room. Wicker bowls or wooden tables, small details make just as much of an impact as big ones. Accompany these furnishings with exotic colours such as green, blue, yellow or orange. Vibrant colours make the room feel brighter, and when placed under light, they can become the centrepiece of the room.

For an easy way to create a tropical ambience, place patterns along the wall or on bedding, to add character to your room. Soft furnishings with palm prints instantly gives the illusion that you have been taken away to a warm and peaceful location. To add small tropical details to your room, place real or fake vibrant fruits into a wooden bowl and make it the centrepiece. In your bedroom, use tropical patterned bedding to add colour without committing to tropical look, making it easier to change your style from season to season.

The materials that you use can make a big impact on the feeling of your room. This style requires a natural setting, making natural materials ideal for creating a soft vibe. Using natural materials is also a creative way of adding small details to your room to give a subtle feeling of the Bahamas. Having bamboo placemats, rattan lampshades and woven baskets can softly incorporate a tropical vibe to the room while keeping a calm and relaxing ambience.

One of the simplest ways to achieve this look is to place large and exotic plants across the room, this will not only add colour but also create a tranquil environment. Indoor plants are becoming increasingly popular, from small cactus decorations to statement palm trees. Use fake plants to create this look as they last longer, remain vibrant in colour and do not require maintenance. Plants are a perfect way to create a calm environment without compromising on style.

Tropical Room

4. Glamour

Sophistication and cutting edge design can be introduced to your home with this simple yet stunning style. For those looking for a more sharp yet delicate aesthetic, this flawless trend offers a luxury and refined touch to your home. Glam has been an ongoing trend in home decor throughout 2019, mixing together matt and shine to create the perfect combination of class and elegance. However, this autumn brings development in glam styling as metallics have been muted to make simple look cutting edge.

Minimalism is the key to establishing this look, making it the perfect trend for those on a budget. Plain lighting and elegant pieces of art combine together to create a perfect balance of style and simplicity. Warm pinks, soft greys and subtle lilacs accompanied with silver or brass detailing give this look its class. Have different tones of the same colour in one room by painting your walls a light grey and having grey curtains of a slightly darker tone. Make your light cover, chair legs, bed legs or table rime silver to create a stunning contrast between matt, velvet and shine.

Due to the simplicity of this trend, every piece of furniture acts as a soft piece of art. Use simple furnishings such as pillows to create texture to your room by layering soft colours and different material pillows. Make sure that if you choose pink or grey, keep the theme running throughout the room. Light coloured flowers placed in a brass or silver vase can create depth to your room and add detail while maintaining the simplicity of the room. To make sure that your home is clutter-free, why not consider using our storage Hammersmith to keep that glam look clutter-free.

Details such as pots, vases or even candle holders can help to create this look. The mermaid effect of iridescent finishes can reflect light and shimmer in the room without being too high-shine, keeping with the rest of the room. This luxurious pearl finish instantly gives the essence of glam without overexerting class. A simple way to make iridescent finishes instantly eye-catching is to cover the main light with an iridescent lampshade. This will reflect light across the room while also making your lampshade shimmer.

Glamour Room

5. Global Inspiration

Cultures from across the globe are continually inspiring the way we decorate our surroundings. From colours, materials and patterns, this trend can easily be made your own by incorporating elements of different cultures into your existing decor. This trend flourishes on handcrafted decorations and rich and rugged tones and textures, giving your home a natural and urban feel. The global artisan trend draws on the natural beauty of raw materials and imperfect finishes, making your home look effortlessly stylish.

The rich yet subtle colour palette of this trend will ensure that your home feels inviting. Using spiced reds, mustard and browns against neutral colours will exaggerate each colour. Painting your wall white will make sure that your colourful furnishes stand out even more. To be more adventurous, paint your wall a warm browny orange with a cream sofa and colourful cushions. Using natural pigments such as ochre and terracotta, which are sourced from clays and volcanic rocks, are a perfect way to create a natural essence.

Heavily patterned furnishings such as rugs, pillows or even wall art, can bring this trend to life. Making sure that the colours in the patterned furnishings match those within the room, giving a warm and inviting feeling to your home. Match these patterns with wooden features such as bowls or side tables, to draw upon the natural and earthy feel to this trend.

Indian Inspired Room

Which Trend Will You Choose?

Depending on your aesthetic, there may be multiple styles that suit you. Be brave and revamp your room for a cosy and relaxing living space this autumn by adding small details or change your colour scheme. During the winter, you spend the majority of your time out of the cold and in your living space, so make sure that it is comfortable yet stylish.

If you are moving into a new home and are thinking about using one of these interior designs and are buying large pieces of furniture, why not use Man and Van Fulham?

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