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There isn’t a better feeling than finally moving into the home of your dreams and making things look the way you want it. However, it’s perfectly normal for you to consider either moving or redecorating after a few years in the same location.

Signs that it could be time to move on

If you find yourself agreeing to most of the points in this weeks article, then it could be time to change things up through redecoration or pack things away and relocate completely.

Either way, we’re going to run through a few points that could represent a great opportunity for you to transform your home or look for a new one entirely.

Are you finding yourself becoming jealous of friends homes?

How are you feeling when you go home to visit your parents? Or even going to see a friend you haven’t seen in years? If you find yourself getting a little jealous (whether you show it or not) it could be a sign that you’re tired of the current decoration in your home.

A great way to help cope with this frustration is to redecorate, especially if you cant afford to move home. Either way, you can start hunting for preferred layout designs, hire a man and van London to help move unwanted items or even just give each room a new plash of paint.

Whatever you decide you need to make sure that you’re going to be happy.

Your home is full of flat-pack furniture

It’s easily done, especially if you’re young and buying a property for the first time. Although purchasing cheap and self-built flat-pack furniture is more affordable in the short term, it doesn’t provide you with that homely feeling.

Now we’re not saying that you should go all out and blow your savings of high quality wardrobes, bedside cabinets and coffee tables – far from it. However, there’s nothing wrong with keeping a close eye out for affordable quality furniture as it arises.

A great time to look for good quality furniture to add to your home is during the black Friday sales either here in the UK or the USA. Remember to consider the costs for shipping and delivery.

Wall and ceilings could do with a lick of paint

Many homeowners tend to decorate their properties when they move in and then become guilty of neglecting their homes for the next few years. Naturally after couple of years have passed, wall and ceiling paint will start to fade, and any wallpaper may start to show signs of peeling.

Nobody likes to enter a home with flaking paint and peeling wallpaper. If you notice this in your own home, make the time to think of some design ideas and redecorate.

Alternatively, if the whole house could do with redecorating, you might want to hire a painting and decorating contractor to help you get through things a little quicker.

Finding yourself frustrated in your own home

As they say, a mans home is his castle but if that castle is causing you to become frustrated and unhappy – something needs to change. If you’re becoming unhappy in your own home then you need to make the effort to change things up.

If you can afford to relocate (and if you’re happy to) start taking a look at properties in the areas you’d like to live in.

Failing that – and if funds are low, a more affordable option would be to redesign and redecorate the home that you’re currently in. It’s easy to transform an existing room and in some cases you don’t even need to spend any money.

Simply relocating certain items of furniture and painting walls a different colour can make the room look completely different – making you a lot happier in your own home.

Renting more and more storage space?

Are you finding yourself paying for additional storage space or even surprising your friends and family with boxes of stuff you don’t need? It could be time to move on, as it would appear that you have outgrown your home.

Renting storage space is the most obvious sign that you need extra space and a larger property. The costs involved can contribute to further spending which in hindsight would be counter-productive as the money used could be better invested into a deposit for a larger property.

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