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Congratulations, you’ve completed all of the tedious pre-moving tasks, and now you’re ready to settle into your new home! However, we have some news you may not be pleased to hear; your hard work isn’t done just yet…

There are now a number of essential tasks you must successfully tick off the ‘to do’ list before you can sit back, relax and begin a new chapter in the home of your dreams. Although preparing your property for the years of happy memories to come may seem somewhat daunting, we’ve got your back – through using our 10-step new home checklist to your advantage, moving into your property will be a breeze!

The Davis & Mac 10-Step New Home Checklist!

Figuring out where to begin the ‘moving in’ process can be a little overwhelming. While you may be eager to get each step ticked off the checklist as soon as possible, it’s important not to rush the process. Rushing tasks will only increase the likelihood of a sudden dilemma and a job being missed off the list; essentially, making you wait just that little longer before you can completely relax!

With this in mind, thanks to our many years assisting clients in all things ‘moving’, we have picked up our fair share of handy tips – don’t worry, we aren’t going to keep them to ourselves! We have devised a comprehensive guide to moving into your new home including 10 easy steps!

1. Contact Utility Providers

It is more than likely that certain utilities would have been shut off the moment that the previous property tenants moved out. The electricity, gas and water supply would have all been disconnected prior to your move-in date to avoid wasted energy. This means that, if you haven’t already pre-arranged the transfer with your providers, the first tasks you must do is to ensure that supplies are switched back on. Naturally, the fundamental utilities would be the three mentioned – electricity, gas and water. Moving into a new home will be made considerably more manageable if you have central heating and running water. Once settled, you can then begin making arrangements with internet and landline providers.

2. Get Organised

It is ever so important to get yourself organised before attempting to tackle the all-important ‘moving-in process’ – as they say, you should never go into a situation ‘all guns blazing’.

Now that you have a nice, warm home with running water, you can spend time organising your day by putting together a list of tasks you aim to complete in allocated time slots. Grab a coffee, get comfortable and begin creating a list of immediate tasks along with those that can wait until a later date. A prioritised list will enable you to get started straight away without wasting any time. Why not treat yourself to a new notebook from Papier to note down tasks?

Writing notes in notepad

3. Deep Clean

Opting to deep clean your home before beginning to reassemble furniture and organise belongings will most definitely work towards your advantage. A clean house will create a blank canvas, allowing you to focus on achieving your desired interior design hickup-free!

Spend time ensuring that the carpet has been vacuumed, flooring has been mopped, and surfaces have been dusted. You may also want to consider washing walls – you would be surprised how much dirt, grime and mucky fingerprints build up on walls!

When cleaning your property top to bottom, you’re likely to go through a considerable amount of cleaning products, which may prove somewhat costly. With this in mind, we suggest using the inexpensive, yet highly effective alternative of making your own homemade cleaning products. We love the range of fantastic recipes on Keeper Of The Home!

4. Unpack The Essentials

Moving into your new home is likely to take a few days, perhaps even up to the week which means it is imperative to begin the unpacking process with the essentials. Always start unpacking with your bedroom and bathroom boxes as these are the two rooms you are guaranteed to use from the get-go. Your first day of moving is going to be incredibly tiring, which means you will most definitely need your bed to be ready to jump into at the end of the day. Even if it means that you have a bed in the middle of an empty room, you will thank yourself when the evening draws in!

Not only must you unpack the essential bedroom furniture, but also the bathroom. You’ll need somewhere to clean all of the moving day dirt away and freshen up, so ensure that all of your toiletries are unpacked and ready to use.

Woman making bed

5. Inspect The Property

While, of course, you would have been more than familiar with your property before moving in, it’s unlikely that you would have had the opportunity to inspect each room meticulously. Before getting too carried away with moving in, allocate time to examine the empty home with a fine-tooth comb. Keep a careful eye out for common property damage such as dripping faucets, chips in walls and damp patches. Note down any issues you identify and any repairs jobs you aim to schedule in the next few weeks. In doing this, nothing will be forgotten and can be resolved before causing major problems!

6. Locate Fuse Box And Main Water Valve

While it is incredibly unlikely that you will ever need to turn off the fuse box or cut off the main water valve, it is vital to ensure that you are aware of their location in the event of an emergency. Preparing in advance will avoid additional stress during a crisis.

Spend time familiarising yourself with the different fuse controls and their labels, along with how to spot whether your water valve isn’t functioning correctly. If any components do not look quite right or you feel as if you would benefit from additional expert guidance, there is no harm in enlisting the help of a plumber or electrician. Rated People allows you to search for local tradesmen based on your requirements.

Woman talking with plumber

7. Secure Your New Home

The security of your home is imperative. Although you would like to assume that the previous owners of your property are trustworthy, you cannot guarantee that they no longer have a set of keys. If the task is yet to be completed, aim to ensure that all locks have been changed on the day you move in. Changing your locks take as little as a few hours and you will be provided with two sets of the new keys. The Lock Smiths website has a super handy search tool that allows you to find reputable locksmiths in your area.

8. Connect Main Appliances

If you have chosen to bring your existing appliances along to your new home as opposed to purchasing new items, now is the time to connect them to your power source. Connecting all appliances in advance means that they are ready to be used when you want to cook up a snack, pop on the kettle or use the washing machine to freshen up bedding or clothing during the unpacking process. You may want to consider asking your chosen removals team to help move in larger appliances. Many of our clients who opt for removal in Chiswick and surrounding London areas ask for additional time for an extra pair of hands!

When connecting appliances, always begin with the fridge. Unlike other kitchen items, the refrigerator cannot be used immediately. You need to allow at least four hours for the refrigerator to meet its ideal temperature.

Pouring water from kettle

9. Finish Unpacking

Now you have unpacked the basics; you can begin furnishing each room and personalising your new home. As the most flexible of ‘moving in’ steps, it is entirely your choice how you tackle each room. Many homeowners opt for taking one room at a time, ensuring that all belongings are unpacked before moving into the next. You may want to consider sweet talking a few of your loved ones to lend a helping hand!

10. Update Your Address

Of course, your new home comes with a brand new address which means that you need to ensure that all of your relevant documents have been updated including the following:

  • Personal Mail – All personal mail can be redirected through contacting the Royal Mail. You will be asked to provide the names and dates of birth of each member of the household, along with the full address of your old and new home. For those hoping to be extra organised, redirection of mail can be arranged up to 6 months before your moving date.
  • Employment Documents – When moving home, you must inform your employer of your change in address to ensure that all documents are correct. All you will need to do is let them know, and the company will handle the next steps.
  • Car Details – The address will need to be updated on your driving licence, car insurance and car ownership certificate. It is essential to highlight that failing to change your address on car details may lead to a fine. Your driving licence can be updated via the GOV.UK website, you will not be charged for updating your licence.
  • Financial Companies – Any financial companies such as your bank or building society must be informed of your change in address. Your bank is particularly important as failing to update your details risks personal details falling into the wrong hands.

Girl on laptop

Sit Back, Relax And Begin Your Next Chapter!

Now that all of the tedious, dull tasks are out of the way, it’s time to finally sit back and relax! All of your belongings would have been placed in their new home, and you no longer have the hassle of living out of a box. Once you are fully moved in, you can begin to explore your new neighbourhood. Perhaps take a wander over to your new neighbours to introduce yourself or take a trip local amenities such as recommended restaurants, shopping centres or woodland walks!

If you are in the process of purchasing a new property and looking for an extra pair of hands during the moving process, then please feel free to contact Davis & Mac. Our friendly team are more than happy to assist with any task from packing in Kensington to providing solutions for storage in Notting Hill!

Happy Moving!

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