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London is one of the most beautiful and visited city in the whole world. Its stunning architecture and ability to capture different aesthetics in every street draws people of all ages and cultures to visit the stunning place that we call our capital. Spoilt for choice, it can be hard to decide what area you’re going to call your new home. We have come up with our favourite areas so you can decide what the best areas to live in London 2019 are.

Best Areas to Live in London 2019: Our Top Picks

From picturesque to arty and edgy, there is somewhere in London for everyone to love. If you are looking for a community, then picking the right place to live will ensure that you can connect with people that suit you. London provides us with unique areas that go from classy to edgy in just five minutes on the tube. The ability to connect with different communities across London via its fantastic transport facilities makes it the perfect place for families to settle down. Continue reading for the perfect places in London to call your home.


The historical centre of Bermondsey has been modernised to suit a young, hip and vibrant community while maintaining its beautiful historical architecture. Transforming from a faded industrial location to a food enthused hub, Bermondsey has become the prime area for socialising and enjoying the London community. The new affordable apartments and buildings shooting up in Bermondsey embraces the rich history of loft-style living. Featuring stunning facades combined with modern facilities, the new buildings respect the heritage of the area while accommodating new lifestyles.

Culture is a big part of the Bermondsey community, the streets are packed with bars, cafes, restaurants and shops for food lovers to come together and enjoy the flavours of shared cultures. Food isn’t the only cultural part of Bermondsey that attracts people to live their and tourists to visit. Other attractions such as the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey and the Nick Starr’s London Theatre and Tate Modern just around the corner, has made Bermondsey the centre of performance arts and design. The quirky independent cinema Kino draws in crowds from across London as they show arthouse films, taking you to the entertainment of the past.

Bermondsey is also perfect for anyone working in London as it has excellent connections via the tube to ensure that your commute to work goes smoothly. The Bermondsey tube station can take you to the Jubilee line, London Bridge station (via Northern line) and the River Thames. Not only does this help when commuting to work, but it is also good for accessing schools and universities. This makes Bermondsey the perfect location for a family that needs to go off in different directions during the week. Two of the local schools have an “outstanding” rating by Ofsted, and nine renowned universities are within in thirty-minute walk from Bermondsey. For example, South Bank University and Kings College, both distinguished universities.

Bermondsey Apartments

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After being named the happiest place to live in London, it’s no wonder that Richmond has made it onto the list of best places to live in London. Being only 10 miles from central London, Richmond is located in the perfect place to have an element of vibrancy and be part of the London community without being right in the centre of tourism. It’s riverside setting of 2,500 acres of grassland, creates a sensation of a village lifestyle while being in the heart of London. Home to beautiful wildlife such as red and fallow deer, Richmond is the perfect location for any city goer and animal lover. As the Thames runs through Richmond, bars and restaurants have utilised this picturesque setting to their full advantage by providing its guests with delicious food and a simply stunning view.

The beautiful landscape of Richmond is almost too beautiful to be real, inspiring artists such as JMW Turner to produce stunning pieces of work. It is also protected by an act of parliament preserving Richmond’s scenic view for future tourists to enjoy the very view that takes your breath away today. Richmond has a rich green landscape that allows you to relax and unwind through fresh air and beautiful scenery. Take your relaxation a step further by enjoying a weekend picnic with the family and pack some food and drinks for a fun and calm day out, on your doorstep.

River Running Through Richmond


Chelsea is one of London’s most notorious areas, known for its beautiful architecture, snow-white streets and delicious luxurious places to eat. Best known for the programme ‘Made In Chelsea’, this area has a historical background of wealth and continues to grow in cultural wealth. High in class and sophistication, Chelsea is the perfect place to enjoy the luxury of high-end brands and specialist chefs. Moving to Chelsea couldn’t be easier with our Man and Van service in Chelsea. As it is a place high in demand, you could always rent out your luxury home to visitors or long-term tenants. This is a great way to collect an extra bit of money over the summer periods and no need to look for storage in Chelsea, as Davis and Mac have you covered.

Being one of the most prominent places for socialising in the ‘swinging sixties’, Chelsea has a booming food community and nightlife facilities. Chelsea is the perfect place for any young and vibrant individual looking to be part of a friendly community. Luxury apartments and expensive housing may deter people from this stylish and sophisticated area; however, the culture that has been created in this stunning place makes any negative feature be outweighed by a positive one.

There are endless amounts of places to eat, drink and shop as Chelsea is one of the most prominent hubs for socialising in London. High-end fashion can be found in Chelsea high-street shopping, allowing you to look classy while sipping on your cocktail in the Juju nightclub. However, its not all about drinking and eating in Chelsea, there are plenty of other things that you can do. There are artistic centres that you can visit at the weekend such as the Saatchi Gallery where contemporary art is displayed for your pleasure.

Chelsea London Apartments


Probably one of the most unique places in London is Camden, a place where people can express themselves and be accepted for who they are. The heart of Camden lays within the vibrant and expressive individuals that redefine what it means to be unprecedented. The history of Camden is extremely unique and became the centre of individuality in the 50s and 60s when the youth began to rebel against the idea of being ‘perfect’ and ‘proper’. Become part of an open and accepting community, vibrant with busy stalls selling old and unusual gifts. There is an endless supply of food and drinks provided by the energetic and famous Camden market.

Camden is perfect for young and youthful individuals seeking a new experience of vibrant nightlife and beautiful scenery. Full of bars and night clubs, Camden transforms from a busy tourist attraction to the centre of socialising in the evening. Its unique night clubs such as The Underworld, bring all sorts of people across London to connect with each other through a shared experience of fun and music.

Camden is also connected to other parts of central London through its fantastic transport connections. The tube runs from Camden to pretty much any destination in London, from Oxford Circus to Piccadilly, there will be no stopping you when the weekend arrives. The overground can also take you away to the modernised areas of London in just twenty minutes. The easy access to other parts of London makes it a prime location for travelling for work or to see friends and family. If you are considering Camden as your new home, our services can provide you with removals in Camden.

Camden’s stunning scenery is also a great reason to consider moving to this beautiful area of London. Regents canal travels through Camden and has been made the centre of its tourist attraction due to Camden locks. Here you will find barge boats travelling down the canal with vibrant big trees beautifully hanging over the edge. This scenic view is more than enough to capture your breath as you walk over the bridge towards Camden locks. The street art plastered along the buildings and above the shops makes Camden a stunning piece of art and place of expression.

Camden London Shops

Where Will You Go?

Although many people assume that London is an overcrowded and stuffy place to live, there are many areas in which you can find your own community. Each area of London provides you with a different experience, making you feel at home depending on your desired needs. If it is possible, we would advise that you visit all different areas within London to ensure that you pick the perfect location for yourself and possibly the whole family.

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