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Moving to a new city is a very exciting, but daunting experience. At first, you will find yourself somewhere full of people you don’t know with places you are yet to explore, so it’s important you know the best way to approach this. If you are considering relocating soon, keep reading to find out the best ways to settle into a new city.

Making a new city feel like home

There are many reasons why people decide to move cities, including a new job opportunity or to simply experience a new lifestyle, but no matter what your reasons are, we have tips for making to move as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Before you even step foot in the new city, there are many preparations that need to be made beforehand, which allows you to move all of your belongings from your current location efficiently. It is vital that you use a reputable removals company to ensure your possessions are transported securely and at a day and time that do don’t cause you any disruption. After all, the last thing you need when you move to a new city is to be sitting in an empty house with your belongings halfway across the country. If you are moving out of London, you should definitely consider using removals in Chelsea or removals in Kensington for a top quality service that promises to transport all of your valuables with the utmost care. As well as finding the perfect removal company, there are a variety of other things you need to consider before the big move. Use this ultimate moving checklist to make the relocation process as simple as possible, referring to it throughout the move to monitor your progress.

Go exploring

First and foremost, the best way to discover a new city is to experience everything it has to offer first hand. Allowing yourself to be a tourist for a few days while you familiarise yourself with your new home will allow you to get to know the area better, its history and discover things to do in your free time. A lot of cities offer free walking tours where a knowledgeable guide will show you some of the top tourist attractions as well as informing you of the cities history. If moving day has left you feeling exhausted but your wanderlust is more prevalent than ever, instead of walking, you should consider a city cruise or sightseeing bus. These tours will give you a whole new perspective of the city, and if there is a certain area that you want to explore further, simply leave the tour at one of the designated stops and you get picked up later on in the day from the same exact spot.

However, if you are feeling extra adventurous, you should take this opportunity to explore entirely on your own. As you are in a completely new environment, exploring on your own can seem scary at first because there is always the chance you could get lost. Now, we wouldn’t advise getting completely stranded but being a little lost in a new place can be beneficial. If you want to know why you should get intentionally lost in a new city, read this article. Our best advice is to make sure you have your phone on you and fully charged at all times so you can use a maps app to direct you back home.

English houses

Download local mobile apps

When moving to a new city, your phone is going to be your ultimate travel buddy. With so many apps which you can download to help you settle into your new home, you will have a personal travel guide at the palm of your hand. Here are some of our favourite apps that are guaranteed to make you feel more comfortable living in a completely new area:


This public transit app and mapping service is one of the most popular apps used by avid travellers. It gives you travel routes and options for buses, trains, taxis, walking and even ferries. The app uses GPS, so it knows your exact location, but you can also customise it by adding in any start or end location. Citymapper even includes a ‘Get Route’ feature which gives you real-time information on all modes of transport as well as a handy weather report. Rome2rio is a similar app which provides estimated transport prices, journey durations and booking details from over 5000 companies in more than 160 countries – making it one of the top online travel resources used globally.

Local cuisine and delivery apps

When you live somewhere for a long time, you start to know where the best places to eat are and the best delivery apps to sue to get your favourite foods delivered to your door. Deliveroo and UberEats are two of the most popular fast food delivery apps which allow you to order food from some of the nations favourite food chains such Pizza Express, Wagamama and Five Guys, and get it delivered to your doorstep. Similarly, the Yelp app finds you the newest and hottest restaurants, bars and coffee shops in your area.


Flush toilet finder is the quickest and simplest way to find a public restroom. This free app has over 190,000 toilets in its database, giving you immediate directions to the nearest public toilet when you need it most. Flush is especially useful if you have just moved to a new city because the area is unfamiliar and when you are out exploring you don’t want to be in a situation where you are desperate to use a toilet and not know where to go.

Using travel app

Make friends

If you are moving away on your own, one of your priorities is going to be meeting new people and forming relationships. Making friends will make you feel more comfortable in a strange city and give you a reason to leave the comfort of your new home and socialise. A great way to meet new people is to join the gym or a local fitness class. Not only will this improve your health and fitness, but they are activities which require regular attendance, making it easier to meet up and converse with the same people on a weekly basis. If going to the gym or joining a fitness class isn’t your thing, there’s even an app you can download which allows you to meet people in your local area that share similar interests to you. Meetup is renowned for bringing people together in thousands of cities for a variety of reasons. For example, some popular meetup categories include hiking, photography, new in town and careers.

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Give it time

Settling into a new city isn’t going to happen overnight, so being patient and letting time work its magic is key. The longer you spend in a new city, the more acclimatised you will become to the area, the people and everything else that comes with relocating. For example, after around three months you should know where to find your favourite local coffee shop and be well informed of the best takeaway options your new town has to offer. By the time you should’ve also, hopefully, worked out how to use the public transport system and mastered the fastest way to get to work. Then, after six months, you should pretty much have your new city figured out, such as which neighborhoods to explore and which ones to avoid. We estimate that it will take roughly one full year of experiencing all four seasons in your new city for it to truly feel like home.

Make moving easy

Relocating isn’t always smooth sailing, especially when moving to a completely new city, but we hope that our ideas make the process more manageable. If you still need help moving out of your old home, please do not hesitate to use our man and van in Notting Hill and man and van in Hammersmith services.

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