Christmas Lights

If you’re looking for simple Christmas decorations ideas, then you have come to the right place. Christmas is the perfect time of year to make your home festive and inviting for friends and family over the festive period. Below we will discuss how you can turn your home into the perfect Christmas palace with fantastic decoration ideas. We have also devised a list of budget decorations that can be made at home and are a great way to bring the family together.

How to create simple Christmas decoration ideas

Some of you may love Christmas decorations and know that you want to decorate every room in the house while another appeal for a simple approach to their decorations. First, we think it’s about adding winter warmers into your home, bring a little colour such as red through woollen blankets and cushions, have plenty at the ready for your guest over the Christmas period so everyone can snuggle up on the sofa after that huge Christmas dinner. Effortlessly co-ordinate your cushions and blankets with your existing furniture with a simple festive pattern.

Let it glow!

Christmas is all about lights! We recommend that to make your home as warm and inviting as possible you go for warm yellows and honey tones to your lighting. Introducing candles and deep rich colours will make your home feel more relaxing and cosy.


Choosing the perfect colour baubles without your tree looking tacky can sometimes be a difficult task. We recommend you stick to two colours and make them contrasting. Black and white or plum and silver work exceptionally well together, additionally you will want to stick to a more monochrome or metallic finish for that gorgeous upmarket décor finish.

Silver and White Baubles

Seasonal Scents

A perfect way to make your home as festive as possible is to introduce scented candles. Adding a little fragrance can make your home feel comfortable, relaxing vibes and Christmas spirit. When it comes to candles there is also a scent for everyone, and you may even find that you have a different smell for every room, nothing says Christmas like cinnamon.

Christmas Candles


Everything looks better with a little-added sparkle at Christmas, so you can easily create the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas feast. Purchase some false fruit and sprinkle with white and silver glitter to give it a faux icy frost feel.


Railings are not always easy to decorate and can occasionally look a little too much. However, if you use light metallic colours mixed with deep greens, it brings a festive fresh look to your home.

To add a little something different to your bannister decoration we suggest displaying family photos and pretty Christmas cards you receive by hanging them from your bannister garland for everyone to see.


Garlands are a great way to add a little festive cheer to a room where you may not want to decorate completely. Gingerbread man garlands can be hung in bedrooms; each gingerbread man has little bow ties and charming smile.

Mix in nature

This is where you and the family can get creative, mixing nature into your festive home can be the perfect accent you needed. Go out for a long walk and see what you can find; twigs, pinecones and dried leaves can all be used. Add a touch of glitter or spray paint.

Glitter Pincones

Change your room up

Take the centrepiece of your room such as a bookcase, replace books with Christmas ornaments. Bringing whites, greens and metallic bring a sense of Narnia to your home and create a fresh living space while still being festive. You can also create a variety of textures with different ornaments from China to fabric.


Bring in copper tones to create a more homely feel to your kitchen, introduce candles were possible and look at getting placement mats to fit with your current décor theme.

Christmas tree

Picking your Christmas tree is one of the fundamental parts of the festive period, and it is the one item on the list that a must for your Christmas decorations. Ensure you purchase one that you can fit into a comfortable space with enough room for you to decorate. You can also purchase a tree skirt to not only finish off the decorations of the tree but is also very practical; it can catch any stray needles that may fall from the branches.


Keep your wrapping in tone with your current decorations, and we advise to wrap your presents as soon as you purchase them. Place them under the tree to get the excitement going for Christmas. You can also wrap your gifts with glittery or shiny ribbon.


There are many ways to decorate your home over the Christmas period and we think by following our little how-to on bringing the festive cheer into your home is a great way to decorate. Colours are everything during Christmas, and you want to keep your Christmas decoration simple, easy and not look too tacky. We recommend its all about monochromes and metallic for a sleek, fresh decorative touch. They can also be easily paired with furniture and fittings you already have in your home.

Looking for the perfect Christmas tree is one of the most exciting parts of Christmas, visiting your local stockist and picking the right one for you knowing exactly how you will decorate it when your home. You may also want to think about how you’re getting it home, if your vehicle isn’t big enough, try a man and van. Make sure that if you have pets you take into account that they may pull on the tree so putting chocolate lower down on the tree may not be the best idea.

Don’t forget to create your homely Christmas scent, make mulled wine and place cinnamon sticks around your home to create that festive smell. Additionally to make your home feel cosy and warm over the cold winter month you can add Christmas decoration through your blankets and cushions. It will bring the family together and allow you all to snuggle in front of the television. Finally, remember to be creative, decorating your home can be a fun experience for not only yourself but for others around you, make your own ornaments or baubles from natural items you find on those long winter walks.

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