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If you’re looking for ideas on simple Christmas house decorating, then you have come to the right place. Christmas is the perfect time of year to festively decorate your home. Below we will discuss how you can turn your home into the perfect Christmas retreat through the implementation of a few creative decoration ideas. We have also devised a list of budget decorations that can be made at home and are a great way of getting children involved.

Simple Christmas House Decorations

Before you get out your Christmas decorations and start the decorating process, it is important to get your home ready, especially if you have guests visiting. It is important to thoroughly clean, declutter and prepare for not only your guests but also your Christmas decorations.

Start by ensuring the entrance of your home is organised and welcoming; make sure there is additional space for your guests’ shoes and coats as well as your own. It is also worth simplistically decorating the hallway with a small tabletop Christmas tree or jar of fairy lights. Festive Lights have a variety of different tabletop Christmas trees perfect for placing in the hallway of your home.

You then need to make sure that any clutter in your living room is returned to its original home, leaving you with a tidy, blank canvas to decorate. It is important to tidy the living room before you purchase your Christmas tree and decorate it. You also need to make sure you have enough room for the addition of a tree in your living room. This is the time to rearrange any furniture to ensure it fits. If you are limited for space, then you could consider investing in several small potted Christmas trees that can be placed in different rooms around the house. A 3ft tree is a perfect size to fit on top of a sideboard or cupboard.

Once you have fully cleaned, tidied and organised the contents of your home, you can then start to decorate and add in winter warmers. We suggest purchasing some woollen blankets and cushions in Christmas colours. Nordic patterns are traditional for Christmas soft furnishings and can be found from a variety of affordable high street stores, such as Matalan. Effortlessly co-ordinate the cushions and blankets with your existing furniture with a simple festive pattern.

It is also a nice idea to invest in Christmas bedding for each of the bedrooms in your home, especially if you are having friends and family to stay over the festive period. Take a look at the Dunelm Christmas Bedding collection for inspiration and ideas.

Now that your home is fully prepared and outfitted with winter soft furnishings, you can start to decorate. Here are some suggestions we have thought of that you may not have previously considered. Keep reading to find out our simple Christmas house decorations for 2018.

1. Let it glow

There is a huge variety of different colour Christmas lights available nowadays, and depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create in your home, some are more appropriate than others. If you are looking to make your home as warm and inviting as possible, then we recommend opting for white Christmas tree lights. These give off a warm and subtle ambience to any room.

When it comes to Christmas, we have the opinion that you can never have too many fairy lights. And, there are numerous ways you can incorporate these magical decorative lights into the decor of your home. If you have a fireplace, we suggest lining the outside of it with twinkly star-shaped fairy lights. On the other hand, if you have a mantlepiece above your fireplace, you can opt to place fairy lights across it and intertwine the lights with branches of seasonal foliage, such as Ivy.

Nevertheless, the most simple way to display fairy lights is to bundle them inside of a mason jar. You can purchase already made light-up battery powered mason jars, or create them yourself. These enchanting, yet simple, creations are guaranteed to light up any room in your home.

2. Baubles

If you are looking to change the colour scheme of your Christmas tree and invest in several new sets of baubles, then it is worth taking some time to consider this carefully. Choosing the perfect colour baubles without your tree looking tacky can sometimes be a difficult task. We recommend you stick to two colours that complement each other.

It is also a nice idea to have several personalised Christmas baubles on the tree. Each member of the family should have their own name engraved on a bauble. We suggest taking a look at the collection of bespoke baubles Selfridges has to offer this year.

We also believe that baubles should not be restricted just to the Christmas tree and can be used to decorate other parts of your home. Decorate Christmas foliage with bright and sparkly baubles, including your wreath. Here is an article on several ways to use baubles all over your home and not just on the Christmas tree.

3. Seasonal Scents

A perfect way to make your home as festive as possible is to introduce scented candles. Adding a little fragrance can help reinforce that Christmas spirit in your home. There is a huge variety of fragrances that are associated with Christmas; for example, festive spices such as cinnamon and gingerbread.

If you don’t have a real Christmas tree but enjoy the natural smell of one, then The White Company sells a fresh Fir Tree Home Spray. Alternatively, Next has a wide range of Christmas candles and diffusers that incorporate the different aromas of pine, cedar and eucalyptus.

4. Glitter

Christmas decorations can only be improved by the addition of glitter. This is a decorating idea that you can make at home, and use the help of your little ones. Collect pinecones from outside and cover them in different coloured glitters. Make sure to use only different coloured glitter that will complement the other festive tones you’ve used throughout your home. To create these eye-catching creations, all you’ll need is a collection of pinecones, PVA glue and some festive coloured glitter. Alternatively, you could use shimmery silver or gold spray paints, which will give you an equally eye-catching effect. Creating these glittery pinecones is a fun and creative activity to do with young children. For a thorough guide on how to make these sparkly decorations, take a read of this guide.

5. Bannisters

Staircases and bannisters are often forgotten about when it comes to Christmas decorating. However, you can only improve the look of your railings with the addition of festive garlands, fairy lights, baubles, bells and paper chains. You could also display all of your Christmas cards along the side of your bannister. Tie invisible thread to both ends of the railings and hang up all of the Christmas cards you have accumulated over the festive period. For 40 alternative ways to decorate your staircase, take a read of this article.

6. Garlands and Wreaths

Garlands and wreaths are the epitome of Christmas and are an essential part of all festive decorations. If you are a naturally creative person, then you could create your own front door wreath. Here is a step by step guide on how to make your own Christmas wreath from scratch. You’ll be able to personalise it to your style and Christmas colour scheme. Make sure to pair the greenery with contrasting colours such as tones of red. The addition of colourful baubles, pinecones, ribbons, holly and bells will not only make your wreath stand out, but the enchanting creativity of it will impress your guests. We also love the idea of adding battery powered fairy lights to your wreath. These will make your wreath visible even when it is dark outside. Opt for fairy lights with a built-in timer so that you won’t have to remember to turn them off each night.

When it comes to creating garlands for decorating the inside of your home, you can apply the same method as you did for making the wreaths. Look for festive ornaments and decorations that will stand out against the greens of the foliage you have opted for. The best greenery we have found for creating garlands is either fir tree branches or ivy. You can opt for fake vegetation to ensure it won’t die before Christmas day. The Range offers a wide variety of fake garlands and wreaths that you can decorate yourself.

7. Christmas Tree Stand

If you buy a real Christmas tree each year, then it is worth investing in an attractive tree stand that you can use year after year. We prefer the look of traditional tree stands, such as this Premium Tree Base from Home & Garden Extras. However, the more affordable alternative is to stick with a bucket and some water. You can also purchase a tree skirt that will not only finish off the decorations of the tree but also offers practical properties; it can catch any stray needles that may fall from the branches.

8. Outdoor Lighting

Now that your home’s interior has been thoroughly decorated, you can start on your garden. Not all outdoor Christmas lighting has to be tacky; there are loads of gorgeous ways you can light up your garden without the need for a life-size illuminated Father Christmas. If you have small box hedges or potted bay trees, then place LED white lights within the greenery to light up your front garden. You can also spiral fairy lights along the branches of any trees you have in your front garden.

However, our favourite outdoor decorating idea is to outline the roof of your house with fairy lights. Transform your home into a lifesize gingerbread house with the addition of Christmas lights placed carefully around the eaves, edges and contours of your roof.


Hopefully, you will have found our Christmas decorating guide to be a beneficial source of inspiration. The most vital piece of advice we can give is to make sure you only opt for a few different colours and execute this colour scheme throughout your home. This will prevent your decor from looking tacky and tasteless. It is also important to tie in the colours you have chosen with your home’s existing interior design. This will help give a professional and seamless look to your festive decor.

If you are looking to purchase a real Christmas tree this year, make sure to measure the dimensions of the tree to ensure it will fit in its designated space. You may also want to think about how you’ll get it home; if your vehicle isn’t big enough, try hiring a man and van in Kensington.

Finally, remember to be creative and imaginative. Decorating your home can be a fun experience in the lead up to Christmas, especially for young children. Encourage your children to help with decorating the Christmas tree and the rest of your home in order to get them in the festive spirit.

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