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Homeowners usually use self-storage when they are downsizing or de-cluttering their homes before a move. Fortunately, we’ve come up with these free self-storage hacks that you can use right away this summer to help you along the way.

So what is self-storage?

Self-storage is space that is rented to tenants on a short-term basis to help with storing items during relocations. Self-storage is available to both businesses and individuals, which is paid via a weekly, monthly or annual agreement.

Why Should I Use Self-Storage Hacks?

Moving home is hard work and not to mention, very stressful.

If there were a way to prepare and store your items easily, without the stress, then you would be mad not to consider it.

The term “hacks” can often be misunderstood. Hacks are used to make your task easier, helping you complete projects quicker, saving you a little cash along the way too.

Self-storage is designed to help with:

  • Creating space
  • Reducing clutter

However, some of the hacks that we are going to talk you through can do all of that for all of your summer plans.

Consider Purchasing a Roof-Rack

Remember those good ole fashion family holidays when everything was crammed into the back of the car? Buckets, spades, picnic (and kids).

Our first self-storage hack has become quite popular here in the UK now, and is certainly a worthwhile investment if you have a young family and enjoy travelling.

Roof racks for cars provide an extra storage space when on the move and even offer an extra storage option when you’re back home.

They can be easily fitted for most vehicles, requiring very little effort in order to get them loaded up and on the move.

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy storing your items back at your home during the winter months you can always get a quote from a self-storage company in London.

Choose Your Clothing Wisely

Now then – this is probably more suitable for our female readers; however, a few of the gents may find it useful too.

Most people have a particular set of clothes for summer and winter.

As summer is now well with us; why not store your winter clothing to help create more space in your wardrobe for more beautiful summer clothes?

Use clear storage containers to help keep them organised. These can be easily picked up from your local stationary supplier, alternatively you will be able to contact any reputable removals company in London to see if they have any storage boxes going spare.

If you do decide to store your winter clothes; remember to pack the larger, heavier items of clothing at the base of the box. This helps to take the pressure off of the smaller items.

When you come to storing your clothing, keep them in a cool, dark space and avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or humid locations. This ensures that they are in the same condition when the winter months arrive.

Rent Some Storage Space – Perfect for Students

A lot of university students like to go home for the summer holidays, leaving their rooms unattended with valuable items such as laptops, study guides, and a lot of personal items open to anyone.

Instead of lugging them back on the trains home, why not consider a self-storage unit in Chelsea?

Students can often receive great benefits, leaving them with some of the most affordable storage space that there is.

Not all storage units are huge industrial warehouses. If you need it, there are often smaller lockers available for personal items like the ones we have just mentioned.

Is A Self-Storage Unit The Best Option?

Many people are guilty of assuming that renting storage space is a risky business – that’s simply not the case.

In most scenarios, a self-storage unit probably has more security around it than your own home or business premises. If you’re worried about getting your items to and from your unit, hiring a man and van London could be a good route to go down.

These guys are available weekly and across the weekends to help you get your items from A to B.

I’ve heard of storage auctions – will my items be sold?

It’s not unheard of, but your items will remain secure unless you state otherwise.

Storage auctions only take place in extreme situations. For example:

  • The tenant may leave the country unexpectedly
  • A criminal offence may occur
  • Payments may have suddenly stopped

Unfortunately, not every storage units operates like the guys over at Storage Wars. Units and storage lots are not available to sell “off the cuff”.

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