Removals for Pensioners

Moving is a big deal, whether it be into your first home or if you are leaving for something more practical. Unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies are unable to do as much as they used to and on average 1 in 5 of us will end up in a residential care home of some form. If you are in the process of moving a loved one into a new home, consider these tips for removals for pensioners.

When you move home, you need to consider a lot of things. Sure, you will probably be able to complete a lot of it yourself, saving yourself a bit of cash – but will it be insured in transit? Probably not. This guide specialises in some handy advice for removals for pensioners.

So what do they do?

A professional removals agency will provide you with a bespoke price to help pack, load and unload your goods from one location to another. The prices involved with hiring a removals man and van in Chelsea will vary, depending on the amounts of good that you are in need of transporting. However, the majority of removals for pensioners are heavily discounted to help out-weigh the reduction in monthly salaries. If it isn’t something that is offered upfront, ask – it could help you save a lot of money during your move.

A question I always see on removal forums is “Isn’t it cheaper to do it myself?” In short – yes. However, if you class yourself as a pensioner, are you really going to be able to pack, carry and unload a number of heavy boxes to and from properties? If you feel you can, then fair enough, by all means give it a try. However, if you think that you could see yourself struggling, then there is no harm in trying to get a couple of free estimates/quotations.

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