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If you’re a student living in London, then finding a place to stay in the first few years can be extremely difficult unless you’ve got a family member living in the area that can help you out.

But for most, house sharing and renting is usually the best and most affordable form of living in the UK’s capital. If you re looking for property in the London area, then there are a couple of property hacks for students that you can utilise well in advance of actually moving out.

Checking alarms are in place:

By law, landlords must provide a safe and working smoke detection alarm and a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm if there is a solid fuel appliance fitted such as a boiler.

If you and a few potential flat mates are looking around, make sure that any potential property, whether it be a house or an apartment has the alarms installed.

Without the correct alarms, not only could you be in a potentially life threatening situation, but the landlord of the building could be trying to evade certain responsibilities which could come back to haunt you sooner than you think.

Check and read the meters to avoid overpaying:

One thing anyone should do before they move, whether they’re students or just in the market generally – always check your final meter readings and note down the serial number.

When you move into or out of a property you need to check the following and note down the final numbers:

  • Gas meter
  • Electric meter
  • Water meter (Water supplier may take the reading on your behalf)

Going forward this will prevent you from overpaying on your monthly tariffs. In previous cases, some students have been known to simply leave the metres without doing anything, and as a result, the party moving in get their gas and electric for free until they previous occupant contacts the suppliers to inform them of the move.

Book a local removal team:

The easiest way to move your items in and out of London is to use local teams that specialises in removals in London, as they will be able to handle the vast majority of the furniture relocation on your behalf.

Although for a student a removals team is a luxury to have, but it’s certainly worth it. Especially if you’re not familiar with the transport links in the capital or the local boroughs.

Teams based in London will be able to handle your items in an insured van, transport it to your desired property and handle moving it in to the building, no matter where you want it located.

Be smart when you’re packing:

Smart packing can be what saves you a load of time when moving. Failing to pack your items correctly cannot only cause delays but lead to something that we like to call ‘stressful packing’.

This is when you get close to your move in date and start to panic because you’ve hardly got anything done – loading everything you any box or bag that you can find. If it sounds familiar, then take note.

When you pack up, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to organise your boxes, label everything clearly and organise your rooms. Only then you should start packing by room – not by item.

Remember to change your address:

You will not believe how many students forget to change their address and update their electoral records in the process. For many students, keeping their credit reports in a healthy condition isn’t something that they care too much about – However, in the long term it will.

When you change your address, make sure that you contact any companies that supply you with a service and that you pay directly, this could be anything from personal bank accounts, monthly phone bills and anything else that you can think of.

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