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The New Year is the perfect time to commit yourself to doing something with your home. We as a nation love to make new years resolutions so why not make one for your home. There are a couple of steps you can prepare your home for the New Year.

New Year, New home

When we say New Year, new home we do not mean literally buy a new home every year. We suggest try and make different ways of changing your home for the better. Setting personal goals is always a great way of achieving personal growth. Well, this also goes for your home, how many times have you been saying you will paint the wall in the lounge? We are often a lot more capable then we think. Last year how many things did you push to the side, stating you would do it next year. Now is the time to get things done, go into the New Year with clear goals and objectives that you would like to achieve. You’ve got 365 days to complete them so get going!


Write yourself a list of things that need doing around the house. You will find you might think of things you potentially would overlook. You can efficiently prioritise items in the home that need looking at more urgently than others. This can also help in working out whether you redecorate or revamp an old item you were thinking of chucking away.


There is nothing worse than having a home that is full of stuff. Things you no longer need, but you are hoarding onto. Get rid of anything that is taking up to much space that doesn’t necessarily need to be there; you might be holding onto something your not to sure of, well our motto is if you don’t love it don’t keep it. The perfect place to take your unwanted items is to a car boot sale or taking them to your local charity.

If you love interior design and follow designers on social media, you will often find they keep each room minimalistic. This is all done for a reason, while making it a lot easier to tidy up rooms are always kept aesthetically pleasing. If you find you have a lot of stuff that you do wish to keep, you might want to introduce storage solutions or placing hooks in vital locations. This can help with putting items in specific places and ensuring you rooms look tidier. Any clutter that you do want to get rid of or are selling you might want to use a man and van services to ensure all items get to their destinations safely.

Maintain your home

January is the perfect time of year to complete works that you kept putting off last year. Always start small, you want to get all the smaller jobs out of the way first as they are easy to complete. By taking care of these smaller tasks you are slowly making your home feel more comfortable and relaxing. It takes the stress away after the New Year; you are now in holiday blues after having a fantastic Christmas, so you want to be able to take time at home to chill out.


Keeping yourself and those who live with you disciplined can make life that little bit easier. Tidy in small steps and daily means that you’re not having to do a big task at the weekend when you should be relaxing and spending time with family. Not only does it feel nice for you, but you can also invite family and friends round without being embarrassed by the mess. There are a number of things you can do around the house to make your day better; we always say making the bed in the morning is one of the first steps to making your day a little bit better. It will instantly brighten your mood, and is one less task for when you come home after a long day at work.

Become more eco-friendly

Your New Years resolution might be to become more eco-friendly; this can be done in a few different ways. One of the first steps in becoming eco-friendly is introducing a smart meter into your home. Smart meters are a great way of not only reducing your home energy consumption but also reducing how much you are spending on your gas and electricity bills. You can provide your energy provider with accurate meter readings rather than estimated ones. Smart meters are great for showing you exactly how much you are spending on specific things within your home and will make your family more conscious of their energy usage. If you are interested in getting a smart meter read Money Saving Expert for more information.

Another excellent New Years resolution is to have solar panels fitted to your home; this is if you are allowed to of course. You can reduce your energy consumption by making your own. While you may feel you’re forking out a rather large sum of money, to begin with, you will soon reap the rewards. Any energy that you do not use can often go back to your energy provider meaning; they might pay you for the energy. If you would like to find out whether it’s beneficial for you to have them fitted visit The Eco Experts for more information.


New years resolutions are a great way to get things done in and around your home. You may have left things this year that desperately need doing, so do not put them off next year. Creating a neat and tidy home will make you feel happy and healthy. Being disciplined is an excellent way of getting into a cleaning routine, you subconsciously maintain tidiness without it having to be a massive chore at the weekend when you should be relaxing. Set yourself achievable goals around your home, starting small will get the momentum going so when it comes round to doing the more significant items you don’t feel overwhelmed.

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