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Naturally when you move home or office, you are going to have a number of questions that you will want answering. Sometimes those that are relocating often ask questions relating to time, efficiency and our company in general. Of course, we are happy to answer them as best we can so we thought we would publish our most frequently asked removal based questions.

How big is the removal van?

We have a number of vans available to us for your relocation’s. Most of the time the size of the van will be agreed by the team and the customer, depending on the amount of items and furniture that needs to be moved. This is exactly why we offer free surveys for removals in Chelsea and other London based areas. As long as our customers provide us with all of the information we request, then you can trust us to get things right.

Can I move at the weekend or on bank holidays?

Of course. We agree a time and date with you that is the most convenient. Unless there is a severe and extreme circumstance, we are more than capable of completing a house move or office relocation over the weekend.

How big are the boxes you provide?

Once again, this varies on the size of the relocation and the items that are involved in the move. We have a selection of boxes that are available, and like our decision making with regards to the vans we use, our team will agree with our customers on which boxes are needed. If necessary, we are able to provide samples so you can see what is best for your needs.

How many quotes should I get?

This is solely a personal choice. Of course, we would love for you to choose our removal services in Kensington and the surrounding areas, however, you should make a number of inquiries until you feel comfortable with one. There are many removal companies out there, especially in the London boroughs and surrounding towns.

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