Moving Day Tips Houses in London

Moving home is certainly an exciting time, especially if it’s your first home. Here at Davis and Mac we help buyers and sellers relocate everyday with our Man and Van London. Through-out our time helping these guys, we have seen a fair few ultimately cringe-worthy moving ideas, but some pretty useful ideas too. Here you will find all of our moving day tips.

Label Everything

Being organised will save you a lot of time, money and stress. Over the years we have seen so many people simply “wing-it” on moving out day both commercially and domestically. One thing we would highly recommend is that you label absolutely everything! It may see a little tedious, but trust us, it will save you a load of time when you get to your new home and you know exactly where everything needs to be.

I will never forget the time we were completing a removal service in Fulham and I took a box labelled “Kitchen” into the newly fitted kitchen. However, when my colleague opened up the box to help unpack, there was a whole box full of underwear and socks! So just make sure that you get your packing and labelling done correctly.

Pack Screws and Furniture Bits Neatly

Not necessarily an absolute must but it will definitely make your lives a lot easier when you are constructing wardrobes or large items. Grab yourselves a pack of small freezer bags and some cheap masking tape – house moving genius move now coming…

Put all of the small screws and fittings into the bags and stick them to the side of the appliance with the tape. It helps keep the fittings organised and stops you from making unwanted runs to Homebase or B&Q!

Protect Your Home

The last thing you want to do is damage your new home. Utilise the use of cardboard boxes and flatten some down to protect the flooring in your new home. We completed a move in Chelsea a couple of years back and the previous man and van in Chelsea had damaged the entire kitchen floor when they had removed the fridge.

Using unwanted cardboard or flooring protectors will be a blessing in disguise.

Furniture First

We always suggest moving your heaving items first, especially the furniture. Leaving the furniture until last will mean that you are relocating boxes into space that will ultimately need to be used. The last thing you need is to start moving boxes around again to make room for furniture at 9 o’clock at night!

Let There Be Light!

Make sure that you check the light fittings and bulbs. There have been a number of occasions that have resulted in a last minute run to the local store for a new lightbulb. Always check the bulbs before you start moving in, it may even be worth replacing the bulbs completely before you start just to be safe. There is nothing worse than having to stop halfway through your move because of the poor light!

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