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Just like a residential move, office relocations are just as stressful. You will find that there is a lot more to consider when you move office. If you are an office manager, then this office relocation guide will help you make your move that much easier.

Now then, if you’re relocating offices, you are going to want to give yourself plenty of time to get things organised and ready for your move.

We suggest that you allow at least 6-weeks to get things planned.

Hopefully, before you have confirmed your move, you have found a new office space. If so, approximately 6-weeks before you move in, you need to measure the new floor-space so you know what you have to play with regarding furniture and layouts.

Knowing how much room you have is crucial for planning and identifying where each desk or other pieces of office furniture will be positioned.

4-Weeks to Move

You need to contact a number of companies that specialise in removals. We offer Removals in Chelsea and Removals in Kensington as well as other London locations.

This allows you to get an idea of moving costs, helping you budget a lot better.

Professional removal companies will be able to help you pack, store and move your office products and belongings safely and in an organised fashion.

This is also the perfect time to start measuring your existing office furniture.

It allows you to understand exactly how your furniture will fit in your new office. Unfortunately, you may find that some parts of your office furniture will be too big. At this stage you will want to identify some local office furniture suppliers and order them ASAP, ready for delivery.

Once you have ordered your new products, it is also a good idea to ask the supplier to suggest some design layouts and fitting positions. They will know how to position their product better than you and get the best out of them.

Now that you have started getting things going with regards to your move you can start to consider contacting your existing suppliers and inform them of your intentions. You need to make them aware that you are moving and provide them with your new office address.

2-Weeks to Moving Day

Now it’s time to start getting the IT companies to install your Broadband and Phone lines. In the past, our Office Relocations in Chelsea have completed this approximately 2-weeks before they move in. It’s nice to know that everything is in place ready for your team to hit the ground running.

Make sure that you assess your new kitchen and toilet facilities. You may need to contact an commercial plumber to repair any faults.

As the office manager, you will need to complete your postal re-directories. Contact your suppliers, distributors, storage teams and anyone else that needs your new office location.

A Week to Moving Day

Contact your IT guru’s again and get the servers, data cabinets and wiring installed. They can start to transfer your information and valuable customer data so you are ready to hit the ground running when your team moves in.

By this stage, your new furniture should have been delivered. If it is still yet to arrive, contact the suppliers and chase a delivery time and date.

And finally, one last thing to complete. Ask your cleaners to complete a final office sweep. Dust down the furniture, vacuum through and ensure that the new office is ready for working in.

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