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As Covid19 progresses, Davis & Mac has been looking at the safety and logistics of moving into a new house during coronavirus and the potential lockdown phase. A vast number of our clients are concerned about how their move will take place, which is causing understandable stress. Davis & Mac understands that house sales can take months, if not years to complete and get sorted, and the last thing you want to worry about is whether your removal company is still able to complete services.

Moving Into A New House During Coronavirus: How We Can Help

The Davis & Mac team have been thoroughly looking into how we can continue our removal services for clients already booked in during the coronavirus, or when the likely scenario of a lockdown takes place. We would like to inform all of our clients that we are trying our best to ensure that you, and our team, remain safe throughout your experience, and have put measures in place to help maintain health. We have devised a list of scenarios and solutions to help clients understand more about what to expect during their house removal in the upcoming weeks and/or months.

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Removals During Lockdown

The current European countries that have gone into lockdown have stated that only “essential work” can be completed. However, this statement is vague, and leaves a lot of room for interpretation as to what “essential” really means. It is common knowledge that this includes health care, food and pharmacy outlets as well as any other emergency services. Each European government that has put their country into lockdown has different meanings of “essential”, so it is hard to understand what this may mean for the UK until the government makes a statement issuing a lockdown.

Spain, for example, has allowed for a removal company to continue work during the lockdown, as long as the company and its team stick to strict guidelines. This was as follows:

  • One person per vehicle
  • Must wear face masks
  • Must wear gloves
  • Keep at least a two-meter distance between clients and team members.

This suggests that even during a lockdown scenario, house removal services will still be able to take place. The only issue that this may cause is that it will mean there are a limited number of team members that are able to complete removals. Due to this, it may take what would usually be a one-day removal, around two days to complete, simply due to the lack of resources and ability to use a full team for the removal.

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What You Can Do To Help

As clients may already be aware, there are several things that can be done to maintain your health and safety, not only during your removal, but through the coronavirus outbreak. We kindly ask all clients to read the following information about how they can help, ensuring that you and our team remain safe.


Please take hygiene of your home into consideration before the removal takes place. This means wiping down surfaces with anti-bacterial products, as well as having paper towels, soap and water available to allow yourself and the team to continuously wash their hands. Please keep a safe distance between yourself and our team throughout the move. If there is a family member considered as “high risk” we kindly ask that they are not on-site while the removal is taking place. High-risk individuals may include:

  • Anyone over the age of 70
  • Those with underlying health condistions
  • Anyone recovering from an injury or health condition

We know that this is a concerning time, but we do ask that clients are considerate of other peoples health. For this reason, we would also kindly ask that you please inform the team if anyone in the household has experienced symptoms. This will help us to do the best we can to maintain maximum health and safety through your removal.

Washing hands


During the event of a lockdown, please can clients provide emails, paperwork or any other form of confirmation from their estate agent or solicitor regarding your house sale/rental. Due to other European lockdowns, we are currently anticipating that there may be police on the roads to make judgement calls as to who they let travel. This will be based on their reason for travel, and we want to make sure that we have evidence of our removal services. The more proof that we are able to provide them, the less likely they are to stop our team.

Keeping Your Updated

Usually, when booking in for removals with Davis & Mac, we are able to provide clients with a plan and guidance on how your removal will take place. However, during the recent circumstances, we know that the old cliche “moving is one of the most stressful things you will do” couldn’t be more accurate, and want to reassure clients that we will do our best to keep you updated to avoid stress.

You can rest assure that the Davis & Mac team will be bending over backwards to try and relieve the stress that this situation is bound to cause. We will try our best to make sure that your move is completed within the realms of law and safety. The team will remain in contact with clients to ensure that you are as up to date as possible with the most current information.

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Completing Your Move

If you have a removal booked in with Davis & Mac and are concerned about anything surrounding your removal and a lockdown scenario, please do not hesitate to contact the team. We are more than happy to answer your questions and will try our best to ensure that your removal goes as smoothly as it can considering the current circumstances.

You can find out more information about coronavirus and how to protect yourself on the government and NHS website.

Please stay safe and keep those hands clean!

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