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It’s moving day!

If moving house wasn’t stressful enough already, moving with pets makes the whole occasion that little bit more stressful – but it adds to the excitement I guess so who are we to complain?

Our company, Davis and Mac are a professional removals company in Chelsea and London. My business partner and I have been helping residential, and corporate offices and homes relocate for more than 20-years (and yes, that has included animals, big and small).

We recently completed a large house move for a lovely young lady that had two gorgeous dogs. She was worried about moving them into their new home (and rightly so) because animals need time to adjust, just like us human folk.

With that being the case – we created a free guide to moving with pets so you can make the relocation go as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Before you Move House

Animals, particularly cats and dogs are unbelievably territorial. They can become very attached to their usual surroundings and are surprisingly independent creatures.

Before you move your pets to your new home, consider some of these moving house tips.

Consider getting a custom ID collar created for your pets. Make sure that you include your name and best contact information (trust me, it’s worth it). Cat’s are well known for being incredibly independent. They spend a lot of time outside on their own and can get lost quite easily.

Consider companies such as Pet Tags and Go Tags. You can get yourselves a number of little bargains for your pets here so you can get them home safely should they become lost.

Just like us humans, animals can see unfamiliar people in their home as a threat and may get a little anxious. It’s best to arrange for your pets to stay with a familiar face while your removals company is busy packing your things.

Moving Day with Pets

Now a lot is going on when you move home. Your pets can become upset and get a little stressed, but there are a few things you can do to help them through the day.

If you have any cats, try to keep them inside on moving day. If you allow your cat to go outside, you could have trouble getting them back inside ready for moving. These little guys get incredibly nervous around people they are unfamiliar with. You can use calming sprays that a vet will be able to provide for you in a bid to help settle them down and stay calm.

If you have any small animals such as hamsters, gerbils or even guinea pigs (keep them away from the cats!) but try to keep their cages in small, quiet spaces until you are ready to move.

After the Move

As I said earlier, your pets will need to be able to settle down in their new home just like you do. Try not to bother them when everything has settled down. They will need to adjust to the new location and get used to the new layout, smells and rooms.

Once they have had some time alone to settle down, spend a little time with them and show them where their bed is, where their food will be and which rooms they can have access to.

You will be surprised how quickly a dog can settle once he or she has had some grub!

Moving with Pets Recap

So then. We have discovered that pets are not too different from us humans when we move. They need time to adjust, can become stressed and be a little uncomfortable with a professional man and van in Chelsea coming in and out of their home.

Remember to check your pets collars and tags before you move home. If necessary, get a new collar or tag created with your name and best contact information on it. Should your pet become lost, whoever finds them will be able to reach you easily.

When your moving day comes round, everything will happen quickly so don’t be tempted to let your animals, such as cats go outside. Try to keep them inside and arrange for them and any other pets to stay with familiar faces.

Once everything has been completed, and you have moved in with your pets, allow them some alone time to adjust and calm down. When they are ready, they will approach you and start to appear more comfortable.

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