Moving House Workout

If you’re moving property any time soon, then we can understand and appreciate the excitement that follows it. The bond that a new homeowner can build with their new property is simply irreplaceable and can turn a house into a home. Making your own changes is always recommended to truly make it your home.

However, moving into a new home can become time consuming and become difficult to enjoy the move itself. There are many things that you can do in preparation to make moving home that little bit easier, and the house moving process a little less complicated.

Making It Less of a Workout

  • Eat Food in Fridges and Pantries
  • Purchase Packing Materials
  • Utilise a Man and Van

Eat Food in Fridges and Pantries

When you move, being prepared is one of the best things you can do, especially when it comes down to food and storage. Food takes up a massive space in our kitchens and lives. Simply allowing it to rot away in storage pantries and old fridge-freezers is not only irresponsible but a complete waste of food and money.

Where possible, try to use as much of the food you have stored in your home as possible. It can be tempting to tuck into a takeaway as the lack of washing up needed after is far more convenient. However, using the food you have at your disposal will save cash, be morally better and more responsible.

Purchase Packing Materials

Unless you are using a packing service or removal company in London, purchasing packing equipment such as cardboard boxes, masking tape, bubble-wrap and packing paper will not only protect your items, but make transporting them a lot easier.

If you do not have the budget to buy flat pack boxes, why not approach some local companies and warehouses for any unwanted ones?

We are pretty confident in saying that at least 5/10 local businesses will gladly provide you with unwanted cardboard completely free of charge.

Removals van with sun shining on it

Utilise a Man and Van

Transportation is one of the key elements for any property move. There are many options available to you that include private rentals, favours from friends and family or even the hire of a recognised man and van in London.

Removal companies or man and van teams are insured professionals that will work alongside you to organise, pack, load and transport your items to your new location. Rental fees are usually bespoke to each move so it is advised to get a personalised removal quotation to meet your needs.

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