Moving at Christmas Good or Bad

The build up to Christmas tends to involve a lot of Christmas shopping, albeit planned or last minute, the chaos that is Black Friday, Carols, Family and the list goes on and on. Before we get into the nitty gritty of it all – I personally wouldn’t want to move during the Christmas holidays. I rather keep my stress levels low and spend time with my family and eat some great food.

So is moving at Christmas good or bad?

When you do decide to move home or even purchase a property for the first time, deciding the right time frame can be crucial.

Moving home takes a lot of patience because if you are ready to buy, the seller may not necessarily be ready to sell, despite putting their home on the market. Many other areas can cause delays such as documentation, credit checks, affordability calculation, stamp duty and well the list goes on. Getting all of that done quickly over a Christmas season is going to be a big ask I’m afraid.

Don’t get me wrong – there are certainly some benefits of moving at Christmas. Up to a certain date, estate agents will remain working and will do pretty much anything to secure a deal. You just need to hope that solicitors have the same working hours to file and complete any outstanding paperwork and financial agreements.

As the Christmas period gathers momentum, chains and independent agents will start to close for the holidays. If you intend on moving in before Christmas day, make sure that you check the realistic exchange dates and have a good long chat with your estate agent negotiator.

Overall, I would encourage you to wait until after the Christmas chaos has passed. That way you will have more time to consider offers and be able to make stress free decisions – much greater if you are planning a large investment such as property!

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