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You’ll be surprised how much of an impact colour has on your life and home. In recent years, the psychology of different colours has helped thousands of people transform the way they live for the better.

So if you’re moving home, or helping a friend redecorate, consider a few of these subtle changes that you can implement to make your home happier with the flick of a brush.

Why a Happy Home is Important:

The old saying “your home is your castle” couldn’t be better used here. So making sure that you’re happy in the place that your going to be spending most of your time is hugely important.

Happiness and laughter has proven to be great tools for child development. If you’re planning to start a family shortly after your move, consider the impacts of the your current setup and behaviours for your children.

Negative environments can be toxic for young children. They thrive is positive environments and it only helps them to build confidence in later life.

Getting the Kitchen Right:

Your kitchen will slowly become one of the most used rooms in your new house. Whether that be through entertaining friends and family or through preparing meals and snacks, so getting it right is important.

A great way to improve the quality of air in your kitchen is to purchase a hanging basket and include a spider plant. Spider plants have been known to help remove poisonous gasses and other harmful particles that are produced when cooking.

Research has also shown that bright, “happy” colours help to build summer vibes and boost your feel good factor. Yellow has proven to be the happiest colour for kitchen but we appreciate, its going to be hard to include that with your designs!

Preparing Your Dining Room:

If you’re fortunate enough to have your own dining room/area then there is a great chance that this (along with the kitchen) could be used a lot for entertaining guests and serving meals.

Exciting colours that are the catalyst for conversation are best used in these rooms. Colours such as different shades of reds or wallpaper are perfect for encouraging chatter.

If you want to encourage any guests to “mingle”, using a round dining table as apposed to long rectangular ones is also a better option. However, dining table scan be tricky to move – if you do need a hand with large circular tables, then our removals in London could be perfect for you.

Start Living in Your Living Room:

Your living room is an area that you want to be able to relax in… unwind a little after a hard days work. Many homeowners believe that mirrors can have a positive impact in their living areas as they create the illusion of additional space.

However, they can also create energy and a frantic environment – making relaxing difficult. If you’re going to add mirrors in your living spaces, make sure that they are placed in areas that aren’t going to be used for relaxing.

Shades of green are often associated with a spa and relaxation. Try to implement greens into your living spaces as they can create a soothing, calm atmosphere.

Earthy Bathrooms:

In all honesty I haven’t seen many plants in bathrooms but according to research, placing the right plant in the right space can provide a lot of “positive energy”. Aloe Vera is perfect for bathrooms as they require little light and are a perfect natural remedy for skin conditions.

Earthy colours such as browns and greys compliment a light bathroom perfectly. The lighter colours associated with toilet bowls and basins provide the impression of space, and the earthy colours for towels and accessories provide a good balance between the two.

Private Studies and Extra Office Spaces:

If you’re planning to build an empire and get a new business venture off the ground then getting the right atmosphere in your new commercial environment is vital.

As with any business venture, you need to remain in a positive frame of mind and be willing to make the right decisions. Purple is strong, bold colour that has many forms of representations. Shades of purple have previously been associated with wealth and creativity and are a perfect choice for a home office.

Make sure that your workstation is covered with natural sunlight. Working in natural light has its benefits and has proven to help people concentrate for longer and remain engaged, whereas artificial lighting from bulbs and lampshades provides distractions and harms concentration levels.

Here’s an extra tip – don’t be tempted to place your desk against a wall. Try to keep the room open plan and allow your desk to receive natural sunlight.

Bedrooms and a Good Nights Sleep:

Your bedroom is your place to rest and reset your body, ready for the next day and its challenges. You want to do everything you can to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Scientific research has proven that adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep each night to recharge their brains and allow it to get the rest it needs. See your body as car and your brain as its engine. If you don’t look after it through regular car servicing and MOT testing, it will get damaged and cause problems.

Utilise shades of blue for your bedroom. It reduces your blood pressure and lowers your heart rate. Perfect for relaxing and getting to sleep.

Snug Spaces and Reading Rooms:

Snug spaces are great for those that enjoy reading. The best way to approach a book is by relaxing and being covered in natural light. Studies show that reading in bed actually slows down your body’s ability to relax.

Include a dimmer switch in any reading areas so that the light can be adjusted when needed. If possible, consider the installation of a skylight to incorporate large volumes of natural light.

When you can, try to keep windows open to reduce the amount of humid air in your home. Use the natural wind to air different rooms to prevent them from getting stuffy.

Before you leave any room, take 2 minutes to remove any clutter and throw any waste away. This can help to reduce stress and boost your mood before leaving for work.

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