Interior designed bedroom in modern green

The New Year has finally arrived and with a New Year, comes new trends. Both the commercial and residential industries will see a whole load of new fashion and interior design ideas come their way as they look to create a modern working and living environment.

It seems every year, there is something new – but it never seems to be that different? We see numerous amounts of so called “new” interior ideas but they just seem to be the same as the previous, just in a slightly darker or lighter shade.

In this article, the Davis and Mac team look into what we can expect to see in 2017 for both the commercial and residential properties with these interior design trends for 2017.

Colour Trends for 2017

Every year, a new colour scheme or palette is produced and interior designers from all over the country start to lose their composure as the levels of excitement builds.

It seems that they cannot resist added colour to new rooms. However, in 2017 – it’s justified.

2017 will see bright greens dominate the early part of the year. These traditionally earthy colours will be found in fashion, commercial building design and décor, and even domestic decoration.

Just to top it all off – “Greenery” was named the official 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year.

Design Trends for 2017 with Modern Greenery Look

Optimism in the Air

Let’s have a little moment to be creative – approach your inner child. If you had to decide on one creature to define optimism, what would you pick?

It appears that interior designers would agree on Butterflies.

Once stereotyped as the perfect accent for children’s bedrooms, Butterflies will quickly become the sign of optimism and grace as we begin to tackle the year. The introduction of these elegant creatures will provide added optimism for our New Year resolutions.

Textured Patterns and Design

Unfortunately, as human beings we tend to spend a lot of time beached on sofas, watching our flat screen televisions. It appears that designers up and down the country are going to be doing their bit to try and reduce the number of people that currently prefer to remain dormant.

In 2017, interior designers will look to encourage customers to feel and “engage” with textured products. The introduction of pleating, velvet’s and cottons all combine to create a new level of comfort in our homes.

Navy blue interior designed house

Bye Bye Navy, Navy Blue…

Despite the title of this next section, Navy Blue will remain a strong colour for 2017.

In 2017, Darker or Navy Blue’s will be preferred to Black. You cannot help but feel that there is an element of change here, whilst trying to remain traditional.

Black has often led to smaller properties, feeling a lot smaller than what they actually are. Designers believe that the Navy alternative can be easily combined with a variety of other schemes without providing the confined feel that Black sometimes does.

2017 Design Recap

As we start to get well into 2017, there is no doubt that we will see many controversial fashion and design decisions. However, we will look to take inspiration from these “trends” and continue to create modern masterpieces.

“Greenery” will be the most popular colour of the year after being awarded the vastly lucrative Pantone Colour of the Year for 2017.

Butterflies will become a more apparent accent for optimism and grace with no need for the introduction in children’s bedrooms.

Texturized patterns and designs will attempt to make the human race more active, reducing the amount of people that choose to remain in a dormant state.

Navy Blue will become the new Black. Designers feel that the versatility of Navy Blue will help provide properties with a modern twist whilst remaining traditional.

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