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As the weather slowly starts to improve and we enjoy long, warm weekends soaking up the sun, it’s time to get out the BBQ and enjoy spending time with our loved ones in the garden. Unfortunately, the harsh Winters we experience takes its toll on the greenery and flowers around us, and we approach Summer with an eyesore of an outdoor space. So, if you’re planning to invite over friends or family and want to utilise your garden, but worried about its current state, take a look at our guide on how to revamp your garden.

How To Revamp Your Garden In 5 Simple Steps

Revamping your garden ready for Summer doesn’t need to cost a fortune, many simple DIY tasks are just as if not more effective than taking a trip to your local garden centre. Even better, you can get the whole family involved in creating a beautiful, tranquil environment to spend the warmer days. Saving money while having fun, what more can you ask for?

1. Clear Clutter

Start by removing all necessary items from your garden, get rid of all debris and rubbish that may have accumulated over the Winter months, so you can have a blank canvas to start with. Although they are impossible to live without, try to minimise the number of children’s toys you have in your garden.

If you haven’t already, invest in a garden shed or a storage unit to stash all toys and gardening essentials. This means that you won’t have to go through the trauma of throwing away your child’s favourite toy, but it doesn’t disrupt the aesthetics of your garden. Most retailers sell storage boxes which can be used to file away any equipment or objects neatly.

Not only does excess objects cause clutter, but too many plants and flowers can also create a cluttered appearance. Balance out your arrangements, try to avoid large clusters of plants in just one area.

Utilise spaces efficiently, for example, in small gardens, use vertical spaces. These are perfect for hanging baskets that will not take up any floor space, but still, make your garden look appealing.

2. Revive Your Lawn

After enduring the colder months, lawns often seem dull and lack vibrancy, there appears to be no sense of greenery left. This can easily be resolved through care and basic maintenance.

Before attempting to mow the lawn or do any other forms of maintenance, thoroughly rake the grass to remove all dead leaves or debris. If in the worst case, your grass them appears patchy, we recommend you look into sowing the lawn with seeds or for a quicker alternative, laying fresh turf to cover the necessary areas.

Once your lawn begins to look healthier and is back to life, give it an additional push by feeding it with essential growth nutrients through fertiliser. Even when the grass starts to grow again, only attempt to mow the lawn when it gets to around 5cm long or more.

3. Upcycle Old Furniture

Upcycling is an evergrowing craze around the world and is the perfect solution if you’re looking for money saving ways to spruce up your garden. Before attempting to customise or repaint any furniture, give all items a thorough clean to remove all dirt. Always avoid using bleach, even if there is a stubborn stain, it will only start to eat away at the material. Instead, especially for wooden furniture, opt for a traditional elbow grease method with a scrubbing brush and sugar soap. Once your furniture is at a stage you’re happy with, simply rinse off any remaining soap with warm, clean water or give it a spray with the hosepipe.

If you want to keep the natural tones of your wooden furniture, woody undertones can be revived through paint on restorer. On the other hand, you may want to upcycle into an eye-catching centrepiece. This is the perfect opportunity to get out your creative side and give your benches, table or chairs a pop of colour. For a full guide on how to hand paint your wooden furniture, take a look at this Good To Know article! Or for information on how to spray paint garden furniture, we’ve also found this useful Pro Aerosols article!

4. Add Colour and Life

No garden is complete without an array of gorgeous flowers bursting with summer colours. Before deciding and purchasing a set of flowers, double check as to what plants bloom during the summer. You want to find ones that are in their prime during the warmer, sunnier months, so you can make the most out of stunning views they create.

Some of our favourite summer flowers are:

  • Marigold – Yellow
  • Dahlia – Pink
  • Plumeria – White and Yellow
  • Zinnia – Ranging from white, pink, orange and yellow.

When it comes to summer flowers, the brighter and more vibrant, the better. For more inspiration, take a look at this Homesteading article on 35 Summer Blooming Flowers.

5. Invest In A Socialable Area

You simply cannot put in all of the hard work of creating a beautiful garden without showing it off to your friends and family, so why not create a relaxing, socialising area?

The more cosy and comfortable the area, the more time will be spent enjoying your creation. During the summer, there is nothing better than staying out in the garden late reminiscing and giggling at funny stories, so compliment your garden table with some added blankets and comfy cushions. The colours could even match your favourite flowers to flow with an ongoing theme.

To make your garden area even more peaceful and magical, purchase some outdoor fairy lights or lanterns that you can scatter around for the evenings.


Your garden is the hotspot for spending quality time in the summer. When buying a home, many homeowners are won over by a home simply through the love for the garden area and make a special request to their estate agents Milton Keynes to find them a home with a luxurious outdoor retreat. In the UK, we very rarely get the chance to enjoy sun and warmth, so when the sun does eventually decide to come out of hibernation, we would all love a tranquil retreat to relax in, no matter the size of the garden. Decorating and revamping your garden doesn’t have to cost a fortune, it’s all about DIY and making the most out of what you have!

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