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More often than not, garages easily transform into a convenient dumping ground for general household clutter that no longer has a use for inside. However, if you adequately organise and thoroughly declutter the contents of your garage, you may find a substantial amount of newfound space. The key, though, is to be ruthless when discarding of unnecessary junk.

Before you proceed with this challenge, you need to collect a few supplies to help you perform the task efficiently. Keep with you some heavy-duty dustbin bags for bagging up rubbish and unneeded clutter. It is worth also taking a strong vacuum or a broom with you; don’t use your household vacuum cleaner. Lastly, it is also worth gathering some plastic containers or baskets to collect clutter in, this is advised if you have plans to recycle or donate. Here is our thorough guide on how to organise your garage ready for winter, gaining back the usable space.

How to organise your garage

Before organising your garage, you need to think of its sole purpose. Is it purely for storing sports equipment and cars? Or is it mainly used as a workshop? Nevertheless, no matter what the purpose of your garage is, it can be an extremely valuable asset if there is minimal space in your home. Therefore, it is essential to keep it in an organised state and effectively utilise the useful space provided.

If you consider your garage to be a convenient place to dump clutter, then you’ll never keep it in an organised state. But, if you change your mindset towards the space, you can prevent it from turning back into a drop spot for clutter. Once you have successfully cleared out the clutter and arranged the contents, try to maintain its condition. Your garage can function as a useful and organised room just as the other rooms in your house do. By recognising how the organisation of your garage affects the way your home functions, you can make a few amendments to both areas and streamline the organisation of your home as a whole.

Clear out the clutter

Sort meticulously through the contents of your garage and categorise items into piles to throw away, keep or donate to charity. If you have large pieces of furniture or other items that you wish to keep but no longer have the space for, then it may be worth looking into storage solutions in Richmond Upon Thames. It is also a good idea to clean at the same time as sorting through things. This way you can vacuum up any items that have accumulated spiders and cobwebs over time. You need to have ensured everything is clean and free from clutter before you can start the rearranging and organisation process.

It is a good idea to take everything out of the garage either onto the driveway or into the garden to effectively sort through it all. If there is limited space outside of your garage, then make sure to divide the room into zones and work through each zone separately before moving onto the next.

Organising the remains

It is a good idea to organise the majority of your items into only a few main categories, for example; sports equipment, tools, garden furniture and car supplies. By doing this, you can create memorable homes for each item in your garage and avoid the room becoming a junk drop off point.

It is important to use all of the space in the garage, from the floor upwards. If you’re not fully utilising the wall and ceiling space in your garage, then these are adjustments you can make to the room. Both walls and ceilings provide a sufficient amount of additional storage that is often neglected or overlooked. By making the most of the space both walls and ceilings offer, you leave the floor space for vehicles, large pieces of supplementary furniture and bikes. If you use your garage as a workshop, then similarly, you are left with plenty of space for a workbench.

It may be beneficial for you to invest in shelves, new storage systems or pegboards, all of which can be simply handbuilt in no time at all. If you’d rather purchase already built shelves, then these are easy to obtain from a number of hardware shops and can be easily fitted. Pegboards are a great addition to a garage if you use the space as a workshop. Each tool in your toolbox will have a dedicated spot on the pegboard, not only making it easier for you to find what you need but will free up usable space.

Closed cabinets are a useful addition to a garage if you do not already own any. They are especially beneficial if you have young children; invest in lockable cabinets to store dangerous car products and tools. Closed cabinets will also ensure your garage appears to be less cluttered; you can hide everything behind closed doors. The presence of locked cabinets also makes it more difficult for you to leave random items on shelves and drop off points to form.


To prevent the formation of miscellaneous clutter spots, it is a good idea to label your new storage solutions. Once you have organised items into categories, it is important to maintain this level or organisation and to do so, labelling is an effective method. Label bins on shelves, drawers and cabinets so that it is obvious where each item’s home is.

Using clearly labelled, see-through plastic storage boxes are a good way to store clutter and prevent dampness and small animals from getting in. Clear descriptions of the garage’s contents not only make it easier for you to find things, but the rest of your household, who may not have been involved in the reorganisation process. Making it easier for other family members to keep items in their rightful places will ensure your garage stays organised and tidy for longer.

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