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Moving home is always an exciting prospect, filled with inspiring ideas on how to decorate your new space and add a personal touch. However, when opting for the rental route, tenants are often somewhat limited in terms of renovation options. Landlords implement strict rules on the extent to which you can redecorate, often prohibiting any updates to wall colours or flooring. Luckily, there are a plethora of ways that you can create a welcoming, homely space that you look forward to arriving back to each evening. Keep reading for our top tips on how to make a rented house feel like home!

Top Tips On How To Make A Rented House Feel Like Home

With property prices continuing to rise year on year, it’s no surprise that many Brits are choosing to rent a home as opposed to taking out a mortgage. Every location across the UK is now filled with fabulous rented properties able to exceed all of your expectations. If you are in the process of moving into a rented property and searching for ideas on how to create your dream home, we’ve put together eight top tips for inspiration!

Make It Cosy

The most effective way to add a welcoming touch to your new home is to fill the space with all things cosy. From throws and blankets to cushions, layering your furniture is ideal for making your rooms just that little extra comfortable – ready for you to kick back and relax at the end of a long day!

When it comes to incorporating layers to your home, do not hesitate to mix colours, patterns and textures. Steering clear from a super coordinated look will allow you to experiment with different colours – something that you may be a little dubious about in other aspects of your property. Dunelm has a generous collection of colourful cushions, throws and blankets, which are perfect for injecting personality to your room!

If you are eager to add cosy accessories to your space but want to avoid clutter, we suggest investing in wicker baskets or quirky storage boxes to keep your items tucked away. Your boxes or baskets can be placed at the side of the sofa, allowing you to grab an extra layer to snuggle up in the evenings.

Cosy living room

Incorporate Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best-kept secrets in the world of interior design as they are an effective way to create the illusion of a larger room. They make the perfect addition to your rented property if you are not only hoping to add some finishing touches, but are also somewhat limited in terms of space. It is important to strategically place mirrors around a room, taking time to ensure that they are in a location that will work towards your advantage. You want to put your mirrors nearby to windows as they will reflect natural lighting, creating a brighter and airy space. Avoid adding mirrors directly opposite to any sources of light as they will create a glare. You can find more information on the best places to hang mirrors on The Spruce.

Before hanging mirrors, be sure to find out whether your landlord permits drilling nails into walls. Many landlords set strict rules on how you can alter your rented property, so you may have to prop mirrors against the wall or on top of furniture instead.

Light It Up

Even the smallest, dullest of rooms can be completely transformed through updating your lighting. And even better, there are a plethora of ideas on how you can light up a space meaning it couldn’t be easier to track down ideas that perfectly complement your interior design.

Statement lighting is an excellent option for homeowners who prefer a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic, but hope to add a splash of colour. They allow you to keep a neutral interior design while incorporating a focal point. It is entirely your choice which type of statement lighting you opt for, whether this may be a ceiling, wall or floor light. For inspiration on the array of possibilities, we suggest taking a look at Blue Suntree.

If you are looking for a more cost-effective alternative, why not add a magical touch to your home through fairy lights? Fairy lights can be picked up for as little as a few pounds and are battery-operated, which means that they can be placed in any location throughout your home. Lights can be delicately draped across furniture such as bookshelves or dressing tables, or used as a wall decoration. We love the 13 gorgeous fairy light ideas featured on Cosmopolitan.

Lamp on table

Add A Personal Touch

Although living in a rented property may mean that you are a little more limited in terms of decorating ideas, it doesn’t mean that you cannot add a personal touch to rooms. Fill your home with memories to make your house truly a home, whether this may be family photos, keepsakes from holidays or even fridge magnets from your travels. Showcase all of your most prized possessions to create a space that perfectly represents you and your family.

As mentioned previously, attaching frames to walls way not be permitted, which means its time to experiment with quirky ways to display your favourite photos. One of our favourite ideas is to hang Polaroid-style printouts on string or wire. Simply attach either craft string or metal wire with adhesive hooks (this way, they can be carefully peeled off when you move, and there will be no wall damage), then hang your photos with miniature clips. For an extra touch, you could even swap the string or wire with the fairy lights mentioned previously for a glistening photo wall.

Bring The Outside In

Add colour and life to your new home by bringing the outside in with bright flowers and plants. Placing house plants around your property is a super easy and low-cost way to make your home feel welcoming, warm and loved.

Not only are plants a fantastic way to create a more homely atmosphere, but they also come alongside a number of health benefits. Plants are proven to improve air quality, filtering out any harmful toxins in return for pure oxygen. This, along with the ability to deter illnesses, will help towards building a healthier, happier home. More information on the benefits of plants in the house can be found on Tree Hugger.

If green fingers aren’t your area of expertise or you have a busy schedule, then not to worry, tonnes of retailers now sell artificial flowers and plants. Of course, artificial alternatives will now allow you to reap the health benefits, but they will add a splash of colour to your home. Head over to IKEA for a vast selection of beautiful artificial plants and flowers!

Cactus on shelf

Declutter With Multi-Purpose Storage

When moving into any new property, it can often feel as if all of your belongings are spread across the home – there is most definitely a constant sense of chaos for the first few weeks. So, when starting to organise your new home, we suggest using multi-purpose storage to your advantage. This way, you can create a tidy, decluttered space where you can relax without being surrounded by tonnes of removal boxes. Multi-purpose storage is also ideal for space-saving, allowing you to use the rest of your room for adding a personal touch.

Nowadays, you won’t be short for ideas when searching for multi-purpose storage. Some of the most popular options include ottoman beds and storage coffee tables. An ottoman bed is great for those who have an excessive amount of clothing as off-seasons items can be packed away neatly underneath the bed while not in use. Storage coffee tables, on the other hand, are excellent for storing away any living room clutter such as magazines, books or throws.

If you are downsizing to a new rented property and struggling to find space for all of your valuables, why not consider hiring a storage unit? A storage unit is ideal for keeping safe any belongings that you do not necessarily need in your home, but cannot part ways with. Storage units come in varying sizes depending on your requirements and are equipped with advanced safety features for your peace of mind. If you are on the search for units in London such as storage in Notting Hill or any surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact Davis & Mac!

Use Removable Wall Stickers

It can be rather frustrating having to live with wall colours that may not be to your exact taste – this is where removable wall stickers will become your best friend. Removable wall stickers are perfect for adding a personal touch to rooms while causing absolutely to damage to walls. If you ever change your mind on the design or reach the end of your lease, all you’ll need to do is carefully peel off any stickers and wipe down walls. Stickers are available in hundreds of different colours, designs and patterns such as those available on Deco Wall.

Removable wall stickers are particularly useful for children’s bedrooms and playrooms as they allow you to fill the space with your child’s favourite characters. Trends in the world of children’s toys, films and TV programmes continuously change, which means you can regularly update walls with ease.

Black and white wall stickers

Add Colour To The Bathroom

The bathroom is often one of the hardest rooms in a rented property to make you own as, again, you’ll be incredibly limited in terms of renovations options. To attract tenants, landlords are likely to opt for a plain bathroom interior, often with a simple monochromatic colour scheme. So, to add a personal touch, we suggest adding a pop of colour through accessories. Accessories such as towels, bathmats, caddies and item holders are all low cost to pick up from retailers such as Victoria Plumbing and are available in tonnes of different designs. You can create a coordinated scheme by matching all finishing touches by colour.

Making A House A Home!

Your home should always be the ultimate haven for relaxation, a place to unwind, relax and feel at ease, even if you opt for the rental property route. Although you may be somewhat restricted in terms of renovations and decorating ideas, it doesn’t mean that you cannot add a personal touch throughout your home. With plenty of research into landlord limitations and your favourite interior design ideas, it couldn’t be easier to truly make a house a home!

If you’re planning a move to a rented property and in need of an extra helping hand, please feel free to get in touch with our team at Davis & Mac. From packing in Kensington to man and van in Hammersmith, we have you covered for all of your moving needs!

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