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Moving home is great. It helps to get you active by packing and loading items, generates a feel good factor and certainly provides a host of exciting opportunities.

However, many soon to be homeowners injure themselves simply by packing and lifting their items incorrectly. Fortunately, Davis and Mac have years of experience in this field and can offer some superb advice that will look to reduce the chances of personal injuries.

Let’s take a look shall we?

How Should I Lift an Item?

So many people get injured through lifting items incorrectly. Use this brief safe lifting guide to help prevent injuries and get you moving that much quicker.

Before You Start Lifting
Before you start moving anything consider your path. Make sure that you have cleared any potential hazards and there are no tripping opportunities during your route.

If you can, be sure to make use of any handling equipment that you or your man and van London has available. These handling aids can be extremely useful in lifting heavy items and make loading and unloading removals vans much easier.

When You Lift
If you are lifting heaving items, make sure that the load that weighs the most is closest to your waist. Keep the box at waist height and do not be tempted to hold it any higher. Holding heaving boxes are an incorrect height can become a major contributing factor to back injuries.

Try to keep the load close to your body and prevent yourself from holding the load away from you. This can cause extra strain and lead to further injuries.

As you lift the items it’s important to maintain a stable posture. As you approach the load, make sure that your back is straight and bend with the knees and look straight ahead. As you grip the boxes, maintain a solid grip around the base of the load.

Know Your Limits and Move Smoothly
Do not be tempted to carry anything that is heavier than you can handle. Many injuries to homeowner’s backs occur when individuals try to carry more than they can handle.

If you need help handling and carrying heavier items or equipment, make sure that you seek the assistance of a removals company London or a family member to help separate the weight.

When you feel ready to move with your items make sure you do so slowly and avoid any fast quick movements. Moving too quickly could unsettle the boxes contents and result in damages to you and your items.


Many people prefer getting involved with their own house moves. They enjoy packing their items and taking them to their new home. However, you must make sure that you are doing it safely and correctly.

Before you start to lift and carry any items, make sure that you have cleared an area and pathway for you to walk through. Small items and obstacles can lead to trips and falls that can end up causing a number of potentially serious injuries.

When you do start to lift and carry your items, make sure that you keep the weight close to your body and grip the items from the base. This helps to maintain better posture and avoids back injuries.

When you are lifting, make sure that you keep your back straight and look ahead, bending with the knees.

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