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Just because your master bedroom isn’t seen by guests as much as your living room is, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a room you take pride in. It should provide a place for you to escape to and unwind in. Don’t think of your bedroom just as a place to sleep, but transform it into a sanctuary where you are surrounded by elegance, style and comfort. If you have decided it is time to give your bedroom a complete makeover, then it is worth finding out how to successfully set it apart from the rest of the bedrooms in your home. We have thought of a few simple ways to transform your existing bedroom into a master suite retreat. Here is our guide on how to decorate a master bedroom.

Our Guide on How to Decorate a Master Bedroom

To well and truly distinguish your master bedroom from the remaining rooms in your home, you need to achieve the perfect balance between luxury and cosiness. A master bedroom requires a combination of stylish elements such as mirrors and mood lighting with a sufficient amount of comforting items; for instance, rugs, pillows and fur throws. There are a number of areas to focus on within the bedroom when you’re planning the refurbishments. The main areas of focus are the colours of the walls, your bed, the linen, carpeting and rugs, lighting, bedside tables and additional accessories. We suggest starting off by clearing out the existing clutter in your bedroom.

Clear out the unnecessary clutter

If you’re about to transform your bedroom into a suite of dreams, there is no point keeping useless items that are either cluttering up your wardrobes or making tabletops look untidy. Start by organising the contents of your bedroom and putting useful objects back in their rightful places. Make sure to organise drawers, dressing tables, wardrobes, cupboards and shoe racks. Make sure anything that is kept under the bed is relevant and used often.

Once everything is organised, make several piles of items you do not wish to keep. Create one pile of items for charity, one for the rubbish bin and another for friends or family members. If you have a considerable amount of clothes that you wish to keep but have no space for, then it could be worth looking into Storage in Chelsea. Once you have thoroughly organised the contents of your bedroom, you can then start to redecorate.

Choose a complementing wall paint

In order to achieve a truly luxurious master bedroom, it is a wise decision to stick to subtle colours for the walls. Shades of white and light grey are the perfect colours for ensuring there is a serene feel to the room. Opting for light shades also gives you much more freedom for when it comes to choosing carpets, rugs and bed linen.

If you prefer the look of dark painted walls or wish to include a feature wall, then a shade of dark green or navy may be ideal for you. The only concern people have with darker shades on bedroom walls is that there will be a significant lack of light. However, if you have sufficient natural and artificial lighting, then you can get away with incorporating deep hues into your room. The next focal point you need to consider wisely is the bed.

Opt for a statement bed

The bed in your bedroom will undoubtedly be the focal point of the room. Hence, it is essential you choose a statement piece of furniture. Make sure to look for a bed that is high enough off the floor and incorporates a stylish headboard into the frame.

Once you have chosen your bed, it is important to dress it up the right way. If you’re looking to achieve that calming feel of a luxury hotel room, then opt for simple white linen. You can then accessorise the bed with fur throws and statement cushions. It is important to pay attention to the quality of linen you are choosing; it will last longer and maintain that luxury feel in the room if you opt for a better quality material. For stunning, yet affordable linen sets, take a look at the range on John Lewis or Ikea.

Picking the perfect rugs

Whether the flooring in your bedroom is carpet or hardwood, the addition of a rug (or several) will add a touch of comfort to the room. If you are looking to incorporate a statement rug into the design of your room, then it is important to keep the other focal points fairly simplistic. If your bedroom is already carpeted, then sheepskin rugs are the epitome of cosiness and look appealing on top of the existing carpet. If your bed is in the middle of the room, then placing runners along each side of the bed is another option. You can find affordable yet stylish rugs in a number of online and high street shops.

Setting the mood with the right lighting

Any room should contain several points of light, but it is especially important in a master bedroom. You should include a statement overhead light, several side lights and possibly also a floor lamp.Take a look at this stunning collection of bedroom lighting we feel would complement any master bedroom from The French Bedroom. Chandeliers create the perfect statement light and will help to increase the luxury feel you’re aiming to achieve. By incorporating different levels of lighting you can alter the brightness based on practicality and mood. We also suggest having the lights fitted with a dimming feature so that you can soften the mood through the touch of a switch. Bedside lighting on both sides of the bed is essential for those who like to read before bed.

Adding in the accesories

Adding personal accessories to your bedroom such as photo frames help to bring on the intimacy. Furthermore, if your bedroom is not of a significant size, then the addition of large mirrors can help a room feel much bigger. The presence of candles, flowers and sleep enhancers also help to create an opulent atmosphere. If you are useless at keeping plants and flowers alive, then take a look into the addition of faux flowers which often look just as good but demand less maintenance.

Hopefully, the suggestions we have made have inspired you and you’re now more knowledgeable about how to go about redecoration your master bedroom. If you have found this article to be useful, please feel free to share it on your social media.

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