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Over time you will probably have found that you’ve accumulated an excessive amount of unnecessary clutter in your home. If you think its time to dispose of all your clutter, but the thought of attempting the challenge is daunting, then here is some helpful advice and top tips to help you declutter your home ready for Summer.

Why Declutter Your Home?

You will find that decluttering your home will give you a satisfying sense of control and accomplishment. It will help you free up space in your home, and you may discover items in your home that you never knew you had. Decluttering is also essential if you are moving house or thinking of redecorating. Many people also find that taking some time to clear out all the unnecessary belongings in their home is a great stress-reliever. For whatever purpose you’re thinking of decluttering your home, here is a step-by-step guide to help make the process that little bit easier.

Step 1: Plan

Start by making a list of all of the room/spaces/cupboards that you want to tackle. Grade each room on its severity and plan out an order in which you are going to attack each area. Make sure to finish one room/ area at a time in order to avoid confusion and give you that great sense of accomplishment. Set dates by when you want to have each area cleared and stick to it. Take into consideration the specific areas that are going to take more time to clear and provide your self with extra time.

Step 2. The Sorting System

As you tackle each room, you will need a sorting system so that you know what you’re going to do with all the clutter you find. A great way is to have three boxes. labelled ‘keep’, ‘bin’ and ‘storage’. This method will force you to decide the fate of each item individually. If you do not have three boxes, you can always just create three piles and make sure to remember which is which.

After every completion of an area, make sure to then rehome all of the items you have decided to keep into their newly designated areas. With the items that you have selected to get rid of, determine whether you are going to put them in the bin, recycle or give to charity. If with the remaining items you decide you want to put into storage, then do this straight away. Find somewhere local to your area that provides storage space ample enough for your needs and then neatly load your clutter into the containers.

Step 3: Eradication

The last step is to determine the future of your clutter. Recycling is a great way of getting rid all your unwanted baggage. You can recycle plastics, glass, paper and clothes. You can also take batteries and electronics to places like O2 and PC World who will exchange your old electronics for cash.

The second way of disposing of all your old possessions is to donate to charity shops. You can only give the items to charity if they are in an adequate condition and are in working order. You can also donate unwanted clothes that are clean and in good condition. Giving your old items to a charity shop is an excellent way of recycling and making sure the items you may not necessarily use anymore, can be used by others.

If you have a lot of goods that are in an acceptable condition that you fancy selling and making some money from, then going to a car boot sale is a great idea. Often you have to pay an entrance fee to be part of a car boot sale, but after that, the profit you make on everything you sell that day is yours to keep. You often do not even need to book; you can just arrive on the day with your car and your clutter.

The alternative to throwing away, selling or getting rid of all of your items, is to store it all in storage containers. If you are not sure you are fully ready to separate from some of your goods, then storage containers are ideal. They are also perfect if you have a lot of large pieces of furniture that you may want in the future but have no need for right now. They are clean, dry and secure so that you do not have to worry about maintenance, whether it be long-term or short-term.

Additional Suggestions

Here are some additional tips that we think will come in useful when decluttering your life and home. Each room is different when it comes to organisation, so here are some suggestions for going about clearing out your home, room by room.

  • The Bedroom – Start by clearing anything off the floor and sorting items into the system we spoke about before. Hang all the clothes you are going to keep in the wardrobe or fold away into drawers. Go through and chuck out any of the clothes and shoes you no longer need which will help to free up space. Throw out or recycle any of the items you no longer use and clear any old glasses and mugs away. Finish by making the bed and generally make the room look nice again, this will give you that feeling of accomplishment.
  • The Living Room – Because the living room is probably one of your most used rooms, it can get messy very quickly. Start by decluttering bookcases, side table and TV cabinets. It can be worth investing in more storage units and shelves to rehome items that you want to keep. Tackle your electronics cabinet; label wires to make life easier, dispose of electronics you don’t use and return remote controls to their designated homes.
  • The Kitchen – Like the living room, keeping your kitchen clutter-free can be challenging. Start by going through all of your cupboards and cabinets and decide whether you actually use and need each item. Move most items off of your countertops and rehome in lower cabinets, cupboards and drawers. This will make your kitchen appear tidier and much more organised. Anything that doesn’t live in the kitchen put back in its true home.


Hopefully, you have found our thorough guide helpful enough so that you can now successfully go and declutter your home. Our advice is, be ruthless; if you don’t use it, read it or wear it, then chuck it.

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