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Moving house is a considerable financial commitment and expenses have a way of easily multiplying without you even realising. It is easy to underestimate the overall cost of relocating, which, in turn, only adds to the stress of the moving process. Therefore, it is important to spend some time creating an accurate moving budget based on what you can afford to spend. This guide should hopefully help you to identify the hidden expenses associated with moving so that you can prepare and take them into consideration. The advice contained in this guide should help you to realise what to expect when it comes to moving and how to successfully create a realistic moving budget.

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The benefits of creating a moving budget

There are a number of reasons why creating a moving budget prior to your move will help you out. If you know exactly what to budget for when moving out, the process of logically organising your finances should not take you too long. By creating a moving budget, you’ll have an accurate estimation of how much money you will require to go ahead with the process. You’ll also be able to see whether or not you have saved enough money to cover the necessary moving expenses and work out which aspects are going to cost the most.

You need to work out whether it is going to be more cost effective for yourself to move by hand or seek the help of professional movers. Both of these options have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of costs. You might immediately think that doing the move on your own will work out to be the less expensive alternative, but this is not always the case. Although professional movers are not free to hire, they do possess all of the necessary supplies you’ll require in order to move and they have extensive knowledge on how to transport your possessions safely. You must make sure to figure out which option will best suit the budget you have set for your move.

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The DIY move

If you have decided that you’re going to relocate yourself without the help of a removals company, then here are some unexpected costs to be aware of that you may not have previously considered. You are going to need to hire a van large enough to successfully transport the majority of your possessions. Either you will have to hire more than one van or you’ll have to make several trips because the chances of fitting all of your household items into one van alone are slim. Make sure not to be misled by extremely affordable van rental companies; the prices advertised do not take into account insurance, fuel costs and mileage charges.

You also need to be aware that if you are locating long distance, and are unable to drive your own car due to renting a van, then you may have to pay for a vehicle delivery services. You must take this extra expense into account when setting out your moving budget. Unless you already have a ramp used for loading up the truck then this is another expense you need to bear in mind. Not all removal vans will contain this, but it makes the loading process far easier.

Lastly, you will need to purchase all of your own packing supplies. From cardboard boxes and moving blankets to bubble wrap and packing tape. All of these items are necessary so don’t cut corners when it comes to stocking up on the essentials. Nevertheless, when you hire a removal company, more often than not, they supply all of the relevant packing supplies for you. Here are some of the advantages as to why hiring a removal company is actually more cost effective.

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Hiring professional movers

Initially hiring the help of a professional company seems like the more expensive option. However, when you take into account the cost of taking time off work and then purchasing all of the necessary supplies, along with a removal van, hiring a professional company often works out to be no more expensive.

Professional packers also know exactly how to package up valuables to ensure they are safely transported during the relocating process. They’re also trained to know exactly how to lift heavy items without causing themselves injuries. With this being their everyday job, it is likely they have far more knowledge than you would when it comes to packing up the entirety of your home and relocating it. A DIY move can be an extremely strenuous activity and if you’re not careful it can cause you serious injuries and further time off work. Furthermore, if there are household items you have decided not to take with you to the new property, then most removal companies will be happy enough to transport the items to places like storage solutions in London. This may be an additional expense, but it is one less job for yourself.

If you have decided to employ the help of a removal company, then it is essential you take some time researching the most suitable company for you. For more information, take a read of one of our previous articles. If you are looking for reliable removals in Chiswick, then why not get in touch with Davis & Mac today. You must take all of these financial expenses into consideration when you are creating your moving budget. The last point worth bearing in mind is the date you wish to move on.

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Choosing an appropriate date to move on

This factor may not be something you had initially considered, however, it can have an impact on the overall cost of the relocation process. If you have not yet set your moving date, then use this flexibility to your advantage. It’s worth noting that both the first and last week of the month tends to be the more expensive time to move. Additionally, moving during the summertime is also considerably more expensive than moving in the winter.

Make sure to book your removal company in enough time before the actual moving day. It suggested getting in touch with a removal company one month beforehand to secure the best price and company. If you leave this last minute, you’ll likely have to pay premium rates, especially if you’re moving at the end of the month.

Hopefully, you have found this guide beneficial and full of useful information you can implement. By taking on board the advice we have suggested, you can be sure to create a realistic moving budget. For more information regarding our removals services in Chelsea, get in touch with us today.

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