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If you are thinking of incorporating a dressing room into your home, rather than hiring a professional to do this for you, it is something you can do yourself. The addition of a dressing room will not only provide you with extra storage space but will increase the value of your property. Obtaining a room dedicated purely to shoes and clothes will also give you the opportunity to declutter the contents of your bedroom. Here is our step by step guide on how to create a dressing room.

How to create a dressing room: The logistics

Whether it is a spare room, en-suite or large wardrobe that you are converting into a dressing room, you’ll want to utilise the space you have effectively. If the room you are converting is of negligible dimensions, you should avoid adding an island. It would also be more advantageous to add sliding door wardrobes to maximise available space. However, if the room is of substantial size, then you’ll have more flexibility to plan as you wish. Make sure to consider the colour scheme, flooring, lighting, furniture and decor of the room.

Colour Scheme

If the dressing room is adjacent to your bedroom, then try to match the two colour schemes together. If you are likely to share the room with your partner, try to incorporate their taste and style into the room also, so they feel comfortable using it. If you live alone, or the room is purely for yourself, then you’ll have complete control over the design and layout. For smaller rooms, opt for a light colour scheme, guaranteed to make the room feel brighter, bigger and more inviting.

The key to designing a dressing room that will provide you with endless pleasure is to surround yourself with timelessly sophisticated decor. Whether you lean towards contemporary or traditional interior design, you’ll need to incorporate good lighting, maximum storage solutions, and a quality dressing table. You’ll then need to consider how you want the room’s flooring to look.


Typically, upstairs rooms are usually carpeted to create a soft and comforting feel. Nevertheless, it could be more practical to have treated wooden floorboards to protect against makeup spillages. Incorporate the colour scheme you have chosen into the style of the carpets or rugs. If you opt for hardwood flooring, add lightly coloured rugs to create an eye-catching contrast.

Storage Solutions

The wardrobes are likely to be the focal point of the room. You could consider having a ceiling-to-floor fitted wardrobe to make the most of the space in the room. Built-in wardrobes can add significant value to your home and is a feature many potential buyers look for. However, if you opt for stand-alone wardrobes, then you’ll have the freedom to rearrange the room in the future. You could also consider just the addition of railings so that your clothing is on show. There are a number of clothing rail systems available that can fit the width of a wall. Make sure to measure the dimensions of the room to ensure it will fit seamlessly.

Some of these systems also include the addition of shoe racks. However, there are other alternative ways of storing your shoes. A shoe carousel is an excellent way of making the use of awkward corner spaces. Nevertheless, you could install shelving units to display your shoes on or keep them hidden behind wardrobe doors on simple, yet effective, shoe racks.

Centre islands are always a sophisticated and luxury feature of a dressing room, but sometimes they are just not convenient. If you are blessed with a huge dressing room, you can afford to have one. It will provide additional storage and can be used to store bags or extra shoes. If the island incorporates drawers into the design of it, you could dedicate one drawer to showcasing your collection of jewellery. Nevertheless, if your dressing room is not big enough, there is little point in investing in an island.


It is essential that your dressing room is well lit and illuminated. If you are going to include a dressing table in the room, then try to position it in front of a natural light source. If this isn’t possible, then look for a dressing table mirror that comes with lights included. Take a look at these Hollywood Mirrors that are guaranteed to create a luxury-feel dressing room. We suggest having spotlights within your wardrobes or behind shelves to illuminate the contents.

Along with subtle spotlights, you could include a statement light in the middle of the room. If it complements the style you have chosen, why not opt for an extravagant, eye-catching chandelier? Having enough lighting will help to make the room feel more spacious and enhance the overall atmosphere.

Additional Features

Apart from wardrobes, a dressing table and shelving units, there are further components you could include into the room. Adding a floor length mirror will help to room to feel substantially bigger. If your wardrobes don’t contain mirrors on the doors, you can purchase a floor length mirror from a number of highstreet furniture shops or take a look at Cox&Cox.

If there isn’t already enough glamour in the room, then why not invest in a chaise-lounge or an ottoman stool? These soft furnishings are the epitome of luxury. Take a look at Simply Chaise for inspiration and to view their vast collection of stunning Chaise-Lounge.

This is something you may not have considered, but make sure the room contains an ample amount of plug sockets. Hairdryers, straighteners, curlers and other electricals are likely to be stored in your dressing room.

Lastly, we urge you to take this opportunity to declutter the current contents of your wardrobe before the dressing room is finished. Never fill your closet more than 70% full; it is likely you’ll want to add to it in the future. If you are struggling to find homes for everything in your new dressing room, then why not consider storage solutions in London. Get in touch with our team today to receive a free quote on all storage solutions.

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