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Despite how small children are, they’re remarkably good at accumulating an excessive amount of clutter. If you can no longer see your living room floor underneath all of the toys, then its time to conquer the clutter. There are a few key ways to successfully reduce the amount of mess and then maintain your new found freedom. Here is our guide on how to conquer kids clutter.

Reducing Kids Clutter

To begin with, you will need to sort through and reduce the number of toys in your home. There is likely to be a lot of toys that your children have grown out of and no longer play with. If this is the case, you could either pass them on to other extended family members, donate them to charity or use storage solutions in London. The Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity is always looking for used toy donations for the children and babies in their care.

If you would prefer to hold onto the toys you have currently but are struggling for places to store them; then it may be useful to look into renting storage space. If you have other family members with young children, then it might be worth holding onto these toys for when they’re old enough to appreciate them. You may also want to save sentimental items for future grandchildren. Investing in storage solutions is a perfect way of eradicating clutter from your home without removing it permanently.

Rotate Toys

Once you have sorted through which toys you are going to keep and what you’re getting rid of, you can start a rotation system. Select which toys your children currently play with most, separate these items from the rest, and then pack up the remaining clutter and store it away. There will only be several items out at any one point, leaving you with less to tidy away in the evenings.

This also prevents children from getting bored of all their toys and creates a sense of excitement when old ones are brought back out to play with. Make sure to stick to the rule that if new toys are brought out of storage, then the current ones need to go away. This will help conquer the accumulation of clutter.

Reducing Clutter In Children’s Bedrooms

In order to successfully maintain the amount of clutter in your children’s bedrooms, it is a good idea to invest in some effective storage systems. We suggest looking into the addition of a storage unit with brightly coloured containers. These can be bought to match the rest of your child’s bedroom theme. Make sure to organise the contents of containers with your children; if they understand the system, it will make it easier for them to tidy up. Sort the toys they love the most into the bottom shelves to make it more accessible for them.

Alternatively, we found some fun storage solutions; giant LEGO storage boxes. These are great places to store LEGO sets and other toys and look perfect in any LEGO enthusiast’s bedroom. They are unisex and available in a variety of colours and sizes.

If you are looking for more tasteful ways of maintaining the mess in your child’s bedroom, then The Children’s Furniture Company specialises in stunning underbed storage drawers. These fit under any standard size single bed and provide the perfect place to store general clutter. On the other hand, you could simply purchase some large clear boxes to store toys in and keep them under the bed. This way, the mess will be contained, but your children will still be able to access what they wish to play with easily.

The installation of shelving units will also be beneficial when it comes to conquering the clutter. Shelves are the best place to display handmade creations and masterpieces. However, make sure they are shallow in depth, so they don’t become a dumping place; if they contain too much, they’ll look messy.

Keeping The Hallway Tidy

It doesn’t take long, or too many people, to make a hallway untidy. Nevertheless, there are several simple ways of overcoming this. If you do not already own a shoe rank, then it is worth investing in one. Whether you opt for a simplistic shoe rack or a tiered cabinet, both options help to keep shoes in order.

As an alternative to a shoe rack, you could simply use a large basket by the front door to store shoes in. This makes it easy for children and other household members to store their shoes easily, and then locate them. If you already have a coat hooks, then why not consider the installation of lower placed hooks onto the wall? Adding a hook for each one of your children will allow them to hang up their own coats, saving you a job.

children playing with wooden toys

Maintaing a Clutter-Free Living Room

Even if your children have considerably sized bedrooms, and possibly even a playroom, it is inevitable that their mess also ends up in the living room. So, having a way of containing the mess is the most effective way of staying on top of the clutter.

Toy boxes or ottoman storage units provide the perfect place to store toys easily. Keep only large toy sets in an ottoman box to prevent small items from getting lost. Having more than one toy box and sorting small items into one and larger toys into the other will cause less confusion. Having an ottoman also makes it easier for children to pack away their own toys, leaving less work for you.

These ottoman boxes come in a variety of materials, sizes and styles, so you’re bound to find one that complements your living room’s decor. There are a number of online and high street furniture stores that provide high-quality ottoman boxes.


The best way to keep on top of your children’s clutter is to provide plenty of effective places to store items; toyboxes, storage units, shelves and shoe racks should all be necessary additions to your home. If you have found this article beneficial to you, please give it a share on your social media. Let us know how you manage to fight your family clutter on a daily basis.

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