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If your home is any bigger than a small flat, then it is worth hiring a removal company to help you move out. When it comes to packing up and transporting fragile items, it is best to leave this to the experts who have been trained to ensure valuables are protected throughout the process. The removal workers will also be aware of how much weight they are able to carry and the safest ways to do so. However, finding the most reputable and reliable removal company suited to your home is essential. Meticulous research and careful consideration are essential to ensure you find the most suitable removal firm. To find out more, take a read of our comprehensive and thorough guide on how to choose the right moving company.

A guide on how to choose the right moving company for you

It is essential to conduct your research well before moving day as the moving company you decide upon will need plenty of notice. The longer the time period before your moving day, the less chance there will be of all the best removals being fully booked. The more time you leave yourself, the more time you will have to research and the better chance you have of finding a reliable company suited to you. Here is some advice on how to go about your research and what to look for when searching for a reputable company.

Conduct thorough research into several different removal firms

Entrusting all of your household items, fragile valuables and heirlooms with people you don’t know is a daunting experience. However, it can be made a whole lot easier if you find a friendly company you can trust. Nevertheless, there are several ways of finding out how trustworthy a company is.


Take a look at the reviews this company has received from past jobs. It is also worth checking out whether the company responds to these reviews; it will indicate as to whether or not this company cares about their customers and the reputation of their business. The best places to find reviews about these companies are Trustpilot, Facebook and Google Business. Google business does not allow the business owner to delete negative reviews so it will give you an accurate representation of the company.


Study the company’s website as thoroughly as possible; the organisation and appearance of the website will give an indication of how seriously they take their business. Look out for necessary contact details, making sure they have displayed a valid telephone number, email address and physical address. It is also worth looking out for a blog offering guides and advice; this shows they are active on their website and have a genuine interest in their industry.


Check to see if the company are accredited to a professional membership association and whether their membership is still current. The British Association of Removers (BAR) and the National Guild of Stores and Removers (NGRS) are reliable accreditors worth looking out for. Any company that is a member of these associations will need to meet certain criteria and follow a code of conduct. If the company you are looking at is accredited to one of these associations, it is a good sign that they are reliable and reputable.

Get several quotes from different companies

Once you have shortlisted several different companies that you have found to be trustworthy and professional, contact each separately and ask for a quote. It will be a more accurate quote if you ask the companies to visit your property in person rather than an estimated cost over the phone.

If you know that a removal company may have difficulty with tight stairways or restricted access, then it is especially important to have the removal companies view your property. If this isn’t possible, then make to sure to be as honest as you can regarding the limited accessibility. Additionally, ensure to be as accurate as possible when listing your possessions.

When asking for these quotes, request the estimate to be broken down so that you can see exactly what you are paying for each aspect of the job. This will include their hourly rate, the insurance, mileage, packing and storage costs. It is worth looking into the storage solutions in London provided by the removal company rather than opting for self-storage which is considerably more expensive. By asking for the costs of each element you will be able to compare quotes more accurately and determine your value for money.

If you are moving significantly further away, then it may be worth getting touch with removal companies in that area; they might be more competitive than the rates in your current location.

You will also need to consider the road access to your property. If you are hiring tall lorries rather than smaller removal vans then bear in mind they may not cope with uneven roads, steep hills or tight bends. You may also need to contact the council to get permission for the lorries to unload/load up.

Investigate the company’s insurance policies

Review whether the removal companies you have chosen has adequate insurance cover and find out the time limit on claiming insurance after the move. If you have several high-value items that need special protection during transportation, then ask how the company would go about ensuring your item is delivered safely. You will also need to find out whether the high-value possessions you have will be covered by their insurance.

If you are thinking of saving on costs and packing some of your household items yourself, then make sure to avoid packing breakables. Your removal company’s insurance will not cover items that you have packed.

Once you have obtained all of this information, you can logically decide which company will be best for you. It is best to not just opt for the most affordable company, but carefully consider all of the aspects we have discussed above. When it comes to taking care of your most treasured possessions, it is worth paying the extra for some peace of mind. If you are looking for friendly and reliable removals in Kensington, then get in touch with Davis & Mac today.

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