Keeping your house clean isn’t just so it looks nice for yourself and when people visit, it’s also fantastic for your personal well-being and health. It is one of the best defences against the spread of illness and keeps all germs at bay from spreading. By keeping your home cleaning on a schedule, you can efficiently clean your home and create a somewhat aesthetically pleasing look to your home.

Home Cleaning

If your home is messy or dirty, you might discover you’re finding it hard to stay focused and in control. If your home is a mess, it can often mean you are disorganised and can distract you from day to day life. Having a tidy house allows you to keep your thoughts in check and prevents you from being messy everywhere around the house.

Find things

By tidying your home, you may find items you spent ages looking for. With a clean house, you are more likely to spend less time searching for your belongings and can quickly locate them. Once you have cleaned your home, you will want to create a systematic system placing items in tactical places, so you are less likely to lose them.


This goes for home and office, if you have a bright clean space you become instantly more relaxed. When your home or office is cleanly, you can focus and become a lot more creative in the process.

Lowering stress and fatigue

When your home is continuously messy, or your living space is overcrowded you are often reminded of the work that needs to be done and can lead to stress. Too much clutter around your home can cause fatigue and pressure in your day-to-day life. With increased stress and tiredness you are a lot more likely to catch common illnesses.

Stressed Girl

Air quality

Cleaning your home instantly improves the circulation of air throughout your home and can deter from any germs infesting your home. Open the windows regularly, letting fresh air into your home gets rid of any bad odours.

Improve general health

As previously discussed cleaning your home regularly can help get rid of stress in the house. It can also help your general health riding your home of any dangerous bugs and viruses. Research has even shown that with a messy home you’re more likely to eat fattier foods when faced with daily hassles. You’re more likely to pick up fattier meals when you know you have to tidy your kitchen or there is a lot to be done in your home

Getting rid of things you don’t need

We always recommend at the end of every year you have a clean out. It’s vital that you get rid of anything that may potentially be clogging up your living space. Don’t hold on to things that you once used to use, if you know that in the near future you won’t need it, simply throw it away or take it to your local charity shop.

Car boot sales are also a great place to take unwanted items, and you will be surprised at the money you could make. Everyone loves something at a bargain so why not give it a go. Organise everything into boxes; get rid of old clothes and shoes, toys or household ornaments. If you can’t fit all these items into your car, you can always try giving a man and van services a call to help.

We all know what its like when you’ve got rid of all your unwanted belongings. More often than not you like to go out and replace them or purchase something new and different. Don’t purge on items that you have just got rid of, its okay to treat yourself and your home to something beautiful but think about where it will go and whether you have room for it.

Organization is key

Being organised isn’t just about doing it once a year; you need to maintain organisation for a happy home. We recommend you create a home for everything in your house, whether this is shoes, toys, post or bags. By ensuring it has a place to go means there is no excuse for your home to become messy at any time. Create a precise filing system in your home, we have all been there when we really need a document and can’t find it in the cluttered draw where everything is put. PaperStone offers gorgeous oak filing cabinets that can be stored away neatly in your home.

Storing away children’s toys can be a hard task when you’ve put everything away, and they decide to pull it all back out. We recommend you look at storage systems that are designed to be lower down so your children can learn to tidy away there own things but also have easy access to all their toys and belongings. A Place For Everything design beautiful kids storage systems and neat ideas for kids tidying.

Kids Room

Always make the bed

A great way to start any day is by making your bed. You may be surprised that tidying your bedroom in the morning can turn your bad mood into a good one. It’s the simple, quick tidy tricks that take you away from stresses of everyday life. Not only does making your bed make you feel better, but it creates the appearance of a tidy room, coming home to a made bed can make you feel a lot calmer and comfortable. Making your bed no longer becomes a chore but more of a gift to yourself for later on in the day.


There are many different reasons why you should keep your home clean and maintain it. Declutter your home regularly; you can get rid of things you no longer need, don’t cling to items you think you may keep. Cleaning your home is great for both your mental and physical health, getting rid of any germs or viruses that may be lurking.

Once you have cleaned your home try and keep it as organised as possible. This way you will find it a lot quicker to clean, and you can spend more time relaxing.

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