First Time Buyers

Purchasing your first home is one of the most exciting moments in your life. You’ve spent years saving, and it’s now time to fly the nest. You will soon be creating a life of your own; many people find that during this period of their life they mature and experience new highs in their life. There are a few things first time buyers should know before moving out, so their family and friends do not always have their phones ringing with questions. Here we discuss our first time buyers guide to moving out.

First time buyers guide

The hard part of your moving out process is sorting your mortgage and ensuring your can feasibly make your repayments. Many people will tell you that the moving out process is stressful, we disagree with this statement and believe all it needs is a little planning and preparation. You will want to ensure you have a removal service company that is compatible with your needs.

Top questions you should have answered before moving in

You will want to make your life as easy as possible when moving in, so ensure you ask a few questions before moving into your new property.

  • Where do you shut off the mains to the water?
  • When are the bins collected
  • Which company supplies the energy?
    (This is an important question to ask, you may find that the energy company is backdating your gas and electricity. Many people are caught out with severe surcharges because they were unaware.)
  • Where is the thermostat?
  • Are there any manuals or warranties on any electrical items left by the previous tenants?


The post is a popular item people forget when moving home, imagine having to go back to your parent’s home every other day to collect your post. Make sure all bills are being delivered to your new home, the last thing you want is to miss a bill payment. Additionally, having to call all service companies who send you any information via post may be a timely task, so we recommend using the Post Office’s redirect service, this way all your post will come to your new address.



There is nothing worse than moving all your belongings into your new home and having to clean around them. We recommend going to your new home beforehand and giving the house a deep clean. Unfortunately, not everyone is as clean as you, so you will want to wash all flooring, walls and surfaces. Using bleach will help clean any bacteria away and ensure your home is as cleanly as possible, we would like to say please do this with caution and ensure you do not harm yourself in the process.

Cleaning New Home


As soon as you know you move in date start packing, this can be a lengthy process. To make your life a lot easier, we suggest going through your personal belongings thoroughly and remove any items that you either are not sure of or wish to through away. You want to keep anything that you believe is essential.

Our recommendations for packing is not to overload your boxes, remember that at some point during the removal process you will either have to lift or move them, and of course you do not want any injuries. For more information on how to lift correctly why not give our blog on How to Lift Items Safely to Avoid Injuries When You’re Moving Home.

Fill fragile boxes with towels and bed lining to ensure nothing is broken during your move-in process. If you find that you have a lot of clothes to move out, you can purchase clothing vacuum bags from Pack Mate. Vacuum bags allow you to store more and also protects your belongings from any damp or dust.

Additionally, you could also look at is professional packing services. We all sometimes know when it comes you packing some of you have no clue and can be very time consuming, especially when you work a full-time job and trying to get all the other bits and bobs ready for your home. By choosing professional packing services you can leave your belongings in safe hands, they tend to use high standard packing materials and will even help you with unpacking your items.

Finally, remember to label all boxes, so when it does come to unpacking, you know exactly where each item needs to go.

Moving Day!

Moving day is so exciting however there is no doubt in saying it will be a little hectic with all the running around. We highly recommend that you fit all of the large household items first such as your sofa, bed and other furniture. This way you can figure out what position you would like everything in, it also makes it a lot easier if you wish to move any of these items to a different location in the room.

Let there be light! The last thing you want is to find that the dark nights are closing in and you don’t have any light bulbs. This will slow down your moving-in process so pop to the shop before hand and make sure your home is lit enough so you can move around without tripping over anything because it’s too dark.

Make memories, enjoy this day, take pictures as you go along. This will be a memory you will remember forever, so make sure that you document your move. Have fun taking before and after pictures of your move; this will also feel incredibly satisfying when you have put in all the hard work.

Unpacking boxes


The key to a successful move is ensuring you have planned everything beforehand. You will want to ensure all questions you may have before you move are answered. This way if anything is to go wrong you may be able to either prevent it or stop it short term such as a leak. Check all post is going to your new address, so you don’t miss anything significant. Clean all areas of your home before moving in; you don’t know how clean the previous tenants were. Pack your items with care and consideration, be tactical about how you pack and get rid of any items that may clutter your home.

Finally, be proud of yourself and remember this is a huge, exciting milestone in your life so enjoy every minute of it!

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