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Expert De-cluttering Advice

As human beings, we are naturally a bunch of hoarders and love to keep hold of old items that are no longer needed, “just in case”. As time passes, and families grow the amount of space available to store these items starts to reduce significantly. Our guys at Davis and Mac have kindly put a brief guide together offering some really useful de-cluttering advice.

So before we get into the details, let’s just take a look at what we will include in this post. You can consider planning, efficiency, time-keeping, help, organisation skills, charitable donations and transport.

If you’re planning on de-cluttering, decide on a suitable date and time so you can commit to removing your unwanted items. If you can create a plan – fantastic! With a good plan of action in place, you are more likely to keep to it and complete your tasks. A good tip is to start off with the smaller rooms and work your way into the larger areas of your home.

Now that you have begun working on your home, it can become difficult to finish – but make sure you do. The moment you leave a cleaning task, your motivation levels drop, making it incredibly hard to battle through and keep going.

Once you have completed a task and have rewarded yourself with a break, try to keep clearing when you get small amounts of time. You will be surprised how quickly your items can be organised with a little extra effort here and there.

If you live in a family home, surrounded by a partner and any children – try to get them involved. Getting your friends and family members to help you out can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend clearing your home. It’s also an excellent way to get the kids away from the TV!

Try and be as efficient as possible. We know it’s difficult, but a great way of improving your efficiency is to get a reliable system in place. This will help you identify what is staying and what is going. Separate any unwanted items into piles if need be, as long as you can get yourself organised.

If you do have a lot of things that need to be thrown out, why not consider a local charity instead of your nearest tip? Charities welcome donations of clothes, furniture and some other household items.

If you need a little help transporting your unwanted goods, then consider a local professional. There are many removals and de-cluttering services available such as this Man and Van in Chelsea and Removals Company in London.

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