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Growing up in London, I have always been encouraged to be an honest, hard-working human being and the same certainly goes for my businesses partner. We like to think that we have been able to transfer those personality traits into our work. Unfortunately, there are companies out there that are in the business simply to “make a quick buck”.

If you’re in the hunt for a local removals company in London, consider these 5 common tell tale signs of bad removal companies. Hopefully, if you consider these points, it will help prevent a rogue trader from scamming someone out of their hard earned cash.

How Do Bad Removal Companies Get Work:

It’s hard to spot a rogue trader from first impressions. Fortunately, we have come up with a few things to look for to help you identify rogue removal companies.

In general, its best to look out for the following:

  • Inability to provide feedback from previous projects
  • Only ever accepts cash payments with no deposits
  • Doesn’t offer a contract of works/agreements
  • No trace of the company/individual online
  • Companies and individuals that try to force your hand with unrealistic door to door sales techniques

Always Do Your Research and Look For Feedback:

We always encourage our commercial clients and residential homeowner customers to read through our reviews and testimonials before they commit to any of our services. We find that this allows them to start trusting us more and the views of previous customers are completely unbiased and have had no input from ourselves.

Looking at previous feedback from customers is a great way to gauge the reliability and honesty of a company. Let’s face it, a company that has been trading for X amount of years that has gained more than 1000 reviews online is going to be a great shout for hiring.

However, do be sceptical. You should stick to the main review sites such as Google, Facebook, Yell and Trust Pilot. There are loads of trade directories out there, but not all of them verify the authenticity of the testimonial.

Avoid Paying Cash Unless You Know Its Genuine:

Bad removal companies that are only looking to make quick money will always encourage you to make payments with cash only.

Now this isn’t usually a problem for recognised businesses. If you know it’s a genuine business with plenty of feedback and reliable services then paying cash isn’t an issue – as long as the business pays it into their registered account and declares the tax every year.

However, rogue businesses like to demand cash payments and disappear. Be wary, if they are constantly pressing you for a down payment or deposit and only want cash upfront – avoid them.

We complete a number of projects in and around London every week, with removals in Kensington and Chelsea as well as areas such as Fulham. A lot of our clients prefer to pay cash for smaller jobs – no problem because everything is completed correctly and you can trace the payments with ease.

No Agreement for Work? Avoid:

OK so contracts of work are usually associated with plumbers or builders etc. However, its good to have an agreement of some kind in place with any removal company that you choose to work with.

Bad removal companies will almost always prefer to do things so it cannot be traced, making it incredibly easy to disappear should things go south.

Make sure that you know what you’re paying for; even a verbal agreement is better than nothing. Should anything go wrong, and you want to push for legal proceedings, any bit of evidence that you can get will help you.

Making Sure That The Company Is Genuine:

There are a number of ways that you can expose bad removal companies and one of the easiest ways to do so is to do a simple registered business check with Companies House.

Companies House is where every registered business in the UK can be found. It details business information such as financial reports, director’s information and when the company was found/dissolved.

If you find that a removal company is trying to secure work at your business or home, and provides a company name – just do a quick check. Make sure that they are not trading under a dissolved company name.

Another great way to find out if a company is genuine is to check public sites such as:

  • Google Places
  • Facebook
  • Yell
  • Any trade directories such as Checkatrade

Avoid Door-to-Door Sales Approaches:

Lets be honest, you don’t need to be sales genius to know that any property with a “For Sale” or “Sold” sign planted outside is going to need a little help moving or relocating items.

However, not all homeowners will want to use a removal company, they may prefer to do things themselves.

If you find yourself being approaching by a business or individual that happens to be “passing through” or “working in the area” on a different project, avoid using them.

If they become too pushy and try to force you into a decision, simply close your door and contact the police. It’s hard selling techniques such as this that put vulnerable people in an awkward position, which, more often than not, results in a sale for the rogue trader and a period of despair for the consumer.

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