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Although moving into your new home is an incredibly exciting milestone, the first night always proves to be somewhat chaotic – if you have moved home before, you will be able to relate! All of your belongings seem to be scattered in various locations around the property, and it seems as if there are simply not enough hours in the day to get thoroughly organised. We always see in movies new homeowners sitting in the middle of their living room floor the evening of the move surrounded by random moving boxes with a takeaway – and, this is the most accurate description of what your first night in your new home will entail.

While the hustle and bustle is all part of the moving day fun, there are many different ‘must haves’ which will make your experience just that little more straightforward, along with making your first night as comfortable as possible. With this in mind, we have devised our eight-step guide to moving day essentials.

‘Must Have’ Moving Day Essentials

Spending time ahead of your moving date to prepare a moving day kit is guaranteed to make the big day as stress-free as possible. As opposed to having to frantically rummage around moving boxes for the necessities to make it through the first day and night, a small kit should be set aside to grab everything you may need with ease. This means that you can, instead, enjoy the transition and worry about unpacking box upon box of belongings over the next few days.

1. An Extra Pair Of Hands

It may seem an obvious recommendation, but you would be surprised how many homeowners are somewhat dubious about asking friends or family members to offer an extra pair of hands on their moving day. Whether you are worried about appearing a nuisance or do not want to put stress on others, we can almost guarantee that any of your loved ones would be thrilled to be invited to share the exciting moment with you. Even if they are only able to help you pack up the last of your belongings or assist giving your old property one last Spring clean, even a few hours of help will make a huge difference. Moving home comes alongside what seems to be a never-ending list of ‘to dos’, so any task that can be ticked off your list will ease the strain on your responsibilities.

After spending years helping clients move home in the busiest city in the UK, Davis & Mac recognise that the more help you can get, the better. Our team are more than happy to assist with packing, moving and even unpacking all of your belongings. Whether you are looking for removals in Chelsea or removals in Notting Hill, just give us a shout!

2. Portable Phone Charger and Speakers

Every tedious, dull task is made just that little more enjoyable when you have your favourite playlist in the background. So, don’t forget to bring along some Bluetooth speakers and a portable phone charger!

Many underestimate how frequently your mobile phone will be used on your moving day. From making calls, arranging removal drop-offs and having to answer all of the kind ‘good luck’ messages from friends and family, you want to ensure that you do not run low on battery. As you will be constantly on the go, a portable phone charger will most definitely come in handy. You’ll need to make sure that you remember to pop your portable charger on charge the evening before your move to ensure that it has enough power to last you throughout the day. For more information on the best portable chargers of 2019, head over to Tech Radar.

With technology continually advancing, almost every device can be connected through Bluetooth allowing no need for wires, which is perfect for when you’re moving from room to room. Using a Bluetooth speaker to your advantage means that you can pop it on a windowsill to enjoy some background music while you’re unpacking! Mashable UK has put together a handy guide to 10 great Bluetooth speakers for some extra guidance if you’re yet to purchase one.

3. An Overnight Bag

As mentioned previously, there is nothing worse than having to filter through tonnes of moving boxes to find your pyjamas, toothbrush and all other essentials – especially when you have had a super long, tiring day and just want to jump into bed!

To make sure that you can relax during the first evening in your new home, plan ahead and pack yourself an overnight bag with everything required to settle comfortably into your new home. Let’s be honest, the first night often feels a little unfamiliar and as if you are staying at someone else’s house, so having a bag set aside with all of your personal necessities will allow you to relax. Included in your overnight bag could be your pyjamas, a change of clothes for the next day and all of your toiletries – you can worry about unpacking everything else tomorrow!

4. Stationery Set

While bringing along stationary such as paper, pens, tape and scissors may seem a little strange when moving home, you would be surprised how much they can help you to feel organised!

If you are enlisting the help of a moving company, friends or family to transition into your new property, being able to label all moving boxes will ensure that they are all placed in the relevant rooms ready to unpack. Ideally, all steps of the moving process will go seamlessly, so the ability to keep track of everything is guaranteed to contribute towards achieving this. Popping a note on a piece of paper and taping it to each box will ensure that you can grab the box you need as quickly as possible. Try to keep your labels as specific as possible including both what is in the box and what room the items will be located. For example, “All cutlery and dinner sets – Kitchen”.

5. A Toolkit

The chances of needing a toolkit during the first day and even the first week in your new home is highly likely, so to avoid the sudden rush to the shops to grab yourself a set of tools, pack it in a moving box in advance.

While you probably won’t be hanging photos, mirrors or building furniture on your first day, you’re going to need to disassemble particular furniture to make it safe for the move. Many components within the home such as the bed frame, dining table and even chairs often cannot be disassembled until the day of your move as they are used in the days leading up, which mean you’ll have to pack them on the day quickly. You won’t need to bring along a huge toolkit, just the following essentials:

  • Hammer
  • Multiple-sized screwdrivers
  • Measuring tape
  • Pliers
  • Flashlight

Both Farnell and Rapid Online stock handy fold-away basic tool kits which are small and easy to store away while you move.

6. Fresh Bedding

There is nothing quite like the feeling of freshly washed bedding at the end of a long, stressful day – it is enough to make anyone sleep like a baby! So, give yourself a treat to look forward to after a super chaotic moving day by ensuring that all bedding is washed ahead of time.

To keep your bedding as fresh as possible, pack all sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases in a separate box to other items and clearly label them, so you don’t have to filter through lots of boxes at the end of the day. If you want to make your day even simpler, then you could even put all bedding on your duvet and pillowcases before packing, so all you’ll need to do is open up your box and jump into bed!

7. Basic Cleaning Supplies

If the previous homeowners or tenants of your new property have moved out ahead of your moving date, then it is more than likely that you will be given access so you can prepare the rooms in advance. Use this extra time to your advantage and carry out a deep clean of the property to guarantee that you can move straight in and begin unpacking.

Not only is it important to clean ahead of your moving day, but also to bring along basic cleaning supplies on the day. With people constantly moving in and out of the property, it is more than likely that dust and dirt will make its way in, along with unexpected mess such as spillages. Having basic cleaning supplies on hand means that you can quickly tidy any mess before it gets trampled into your home.

We suggest grabbing a washing up bowl and filling it with essentials such as sponges, hand soap, all-purpose cleaner, a dustpan and brush, paper towels, washing-up liquid and most importantly, don’t forget to bring along a pack of toilet roll – sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many people forget!

If you’re a fan of the absolute cleaning queen, Mrs Hinch, then take a look at this ‘Hinch home cleaning essential bundle’ from Fab Finds!

8. Drinks and Snacks

Last, but most definitely not least, bring along a stash of drinks and snacks to keep you energised throughout your moving day!

Bottles of water are vital for keeping you hydrated throughout the day and stop you from burning out. Many movers opt for setting up their fridge as soon as they get the keys to their new property, so they can grab a crisp, chilled bottle of water whenever it is needed and also keep snacks fresh.

It can be super easy when you’re rushing around all day to quickly grab a chocolate bar, sweets or crips to fill a hole and keep you going, but don’t forget that you can still be healthy, even when you’re on the go. Cereal bars, bananas, apples and surprisingly, popcorn, are all nutritious snacks that are filled with power and ideal to keep you energised until the next meal. Fitness Magazine has put together a great guide to the best energy-boosting snacks.

Essentials For A Stress-Free Moving Day!

Now we’ve gone through our eight essentials to make moving day a breeze; we hope that you’re feeling a little more prepared and organised for the big day. Once you’re all moved in and settled for the evening, its time to sit back, relax and pop open a bottle of bubbly to congratulate your achievement – happy moving!

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