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If you’re a proud homeowner, chances are you want to ensure your home is shown off to its full potential all the time, not just for guests, but for your own enjoyment too. Most of us nowadays though, with a busy schedule, a full-time job and untidy children, find it hard to keep on top of the everyday household mess. However, we have created a list of some simple daily practices we encourage you to employ to help keep your house tidy twenty-four seven. Here are 10 daily habits in order to maintain a tidy house.

Ensuring a Tidy House In the Morning

Making sure to have completed a few tidying tasks in the morning will lessen your workload throughout the rest of the day. You can implement these chores into your morning routine, and they will soon become second nature to you. These habits are easy to implement and won’t take any time out of your day.

1. As Soon As You Wake Up, Make The Bed

It’s not a difficult task and takes minimal time to complete so make sure to do it every day. It is guaranteed to lead to a more productive day and will prevent your urge to crawl back into bed once you’re up. If you have young children, make their beds too or if they’re old enough to do it themselves, employ a strict rule of making sure beds are made as soon as they’re up.

2. Clear The Floors

Once the beds are made, go around the rooms and clear any clothes, towels, shoes or general clutter off of the floors. Try to make a habit of hanging clothes and towels back up after use or placing them in a laundry basket, rather than leaving items on the floor. Leaving a tidy floor will make your room feel much tidier and will be pleasant to come home to in the evenings.

3. Tidy Bedroom and Bathroom Surfaces

It doesn’t take long to put away everyday items back in their dedicated homes. Towels, hairdryers, hairbrushes, makeup, deodorants, socks and toothbrushes can all be tidied away and cleared off counters and dressers. Tidy away books, magazines, iPads and other objects on bedside tables and place in drawers and cupboards. All of this can be accomplished even before you head downstairs and won’t take you longer than 5 minutes. Clear bathroom counters, storing everyday items in a caddy and keep cleaning products under the sink or in cabinets to make cleaning regularly easier.

4. Load The Washing Machine and Start a Cycle

Go round all the bedrooms and empty everyone’s washing baskets to fill the washing machine with. Make sure to start the cycle before you leave the house in the evening. If you get into a habit of doing this every morning, you’ll always have clean clothes. Make sure that when you get back to either load the washing into the dryer or hang it out.

5. Empty and Load The Dishwasher

Whilst you’re sorting out breakfast, gradually unload the dishwasher as you go. Then once everyone has finished with breakfast utensils, reload the dishwasher so that you don’t have a build up of old dirty dishes on the countertop. This will ensure your kitchen is inviting to come home to, and you will have cutlery and crockery to use in the evening. Remember to start the dishwasher if it full before you leave the house.

If you complete all these tasks in the morning, you’ll have created an orderly and welcoming home to come back to later on, and you’ll have successfully reduced your evening tidying workload. If other members are living in your household, make sure to dish out to morning chores equally.

Minimising Evening Housework

Providing that you accomplished all of your chores in the morning, you should be returning home to a beautifully tidy house. However, to maintain and preserve the tidiness, you’ll have to make sure to implement a few more daily habits into your evening routine.

6. Clear Hometime Clutter

Its easy after a long day at work or school to get home and leave everything in the hallway. Don’t do this. Instead, make a rule of hanging up coats on coat hooks, placing shoes on shoe racks and storing bags in their appointed homes. If you have young children, encourage them to also get into the habit of doing this as soon as they get home.

7. Cleaning Whilst You Cook

If you’re the main chef in your household, make sure to clean up whilst you cook. Use the spare time while the vegetables are steaming or the meat is cooking to clear surfaces, wash up utensils or load the dishwasher. You’ll then be able to enjoy your dinner in the comfort of a tidy kitchen. Once you have finished, promptly load the remaining pans and plates into the dishwasher, leaving your kitchen in the state you first found it in.

8. Put Away The Laundry

Remember to fold and put away the laundry from the morning’s wash. Again, if you have children, get them involved and ask them to help hang up their specific items in their wardrobe or drawers. If you advertise the job in a fun and enthusiastic way, you can get your little ones doing something productive and have some help at the same time.

One Last Sweep Of the House

Before going to bed, collect up any clutter and pack it away, fold blankets, clear surfaces and generally make sure everything is back in its legitimate home. Performing small tidying tasks throughout the day will significantly reduce your overall workload and eliminate that dreaded fear of having to tidy the whole house in one exhaustive go. If you feel like you can’t get on top of the clutter in your home, then why not consider storage solutions in Notting Hill. Banking unnecessary items into storage means your home is free from clutter but these valuables are still easily accessible.

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