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If you are thinking of updating your kitchen, but are on a budget, then there are some easy ways you can do it yourself and save on those labour expenses. You do not have to spend a fortune to give your kitchen a revamp, all that requires is a little time, effort and creativity. Here are 7 DIY kitchen renovation ideas.

DIY Kitchen Renovation: Why do it Yourself?

You can transform the entire look and feel of your kitchen with a few easy alterations. Modifying the colour scheme by painting your kitchen cabinets is a little time consuming, but a relatively simple way of renovating your kitchen. Doing it yourself will suit some people more than others; cutting out the middleman who could very easily not perform the job to the standard you desire, can make the experience a lot more stress-free. However, if you know you have limited time to get the job done and do not entirely trust your own abilities, hiring a professional to do the work for you, may swing more in your favour. Any of the kitchen renovation ideas that we have suggested below can be executed by an industry expert or done yourself.

1. Paint Your Cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to drastically transform the appearance of your kitchen. This, however, is only possible if your existing cabinets are wooden. If your walls are painted in a light neutral shade, then you will have more range when it comes to choosing a new colour scheme. Remember that lighter colours will make the room look bigger and brighter. If this is the feel you are trying to create then avoid painting your cabinets in dark tones. If you have a glass front on your cabinet doors, then alternatively, you can paint the insides of the cupboards which will add an element of colour to the kitchen. For a full guide on how to successfully paint your kitchen cabinets, then visit the Delux website.

2. Update Cabinet Door Handles

With your now freshly painted cabinets, you may want to update the door handles to suit the new look. This is a good time to replace any latches or dodgy doors that no longer stay shut or open easily. Replace them all with brand new, fully functioning systems. You can pick up inexpensive door handles from both online and high street shops such as B&Q for as little as £4. Copper and brass handles are currently on trend and suit neutral tones perfectly.

3. Install LED Cabinet Lighting

Installing additional LED lighting around the room is guaranteed to enhance the appearance of your kitchen, giving it an updated and modern feel to the room. Place spotlights underneath high up cabinets to increase the light surrounding your worktops. You can purchase rolls of light-weight LED lights that come with adhesive on the back, allowing you to place them where you wish. They require not hard-wiring, come with a handy remote control and have the option of cool or warm lighting. You can purchase these lights from a number of hardware shops and numerous places online.

4. Change the Wall Colour

Painting your kitchen walls is another great way to revive your kitchen’s appearance without going over budget. Depending on the size of your kitchen, it is also unlikely to take longer than a day to complete. Paint one wall in an overly vibrant colour to create an eye-catching feature wall. Coordinate the rest of the room in lighter shades of the same colour to ensure it truly attains the attention of your guests. You can purchase easy-care kitchen paint that is washable, stain resistant and grease proof for less than £20.

5. Make A Statement With Lighting

Incorporate some dramatic ceiling lights into your kitchen to create a stylish statement. Even if your kitchen has a more traditional feel to it, combining modern lighting will complement the room. Hang the statement lighting in either the centre of the room or over the dining table or island, ensuring they’re the focal point of the room. Retro dome and cage pendant lights have become increasingly more popular over the years and suit the majority of kitchen designs.

6. Update Your Textiles

Replacing minor details like your dishcloths, tea towels, aprons and oven gloves can be an inexpensive but worthwhile investment. You can opt for matching sets of linen that coordinates with your kitchen colour scheme. You can also update your blinds, curtains, seat covers and any chair cushions to really revamp the look of your kitchen. You can have blinds and curtains made bespoke to give you more option when it comes to colour, material and design, or alternatively, the more affordable option is to purchase ready-made blinds or curtains. If you have wooden chairs, then the addition of colourful cushions will not only make for a comfier seat but will also help to improve the look of your kitchen.

7. Hang a Handy Rail

Why not free up some space on your worktops or in drawers by hanging up a handy rail. Most kitchen utensils are designed to be able to hang up and whatever you can’t hang up can go back in the drawers. You could also take this opportunity to replace all of your old kitchen utensils with new matching ones for a more uniform look. Kitchen rails are relatively affordable and easily accessible, you just need to have a large space of wall in your kitchen where you can install it. Purchase a 39cm chrome wall rail from John Lewis for £18.


These are just a few simple ideas, and relatively inexpensive ways refresh the appearance of your kitchen. We hope this has provided you with a source of inspiration about how you can uniquely renovate your kitchen for a brand new look. If you are in need of man and van services in London to help you with any transportation or removal of large kitchen items, then get in contact with us today for a free quote.

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