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I remember as a kid sitting down and watching my favourite cartoons after school – especially everyone’s favourite Cat and Mouse partnership that was Tom and Jerry.

For one reason or another, one particular scene jumps out at me. I remember an episode that featured Tom (the Cat) carrying a grand piano down various flights of stairs, only for Jerry (the Mouse) to trip him and chuckle whilst he sat back and enjoyed his days’ work.

Now fortunately, at Davis and Mac, we haven’t had the luxury of flying down a flight of stairs with a grand piano but we have encountered our fair share of awkward items. That lead to a light bulb moment and I thought I would create a post to share with you all discussing the most popular items that removal companies hate.

This is our guide to 6 awkward items every removal company encounters.


Unfortunately, the inconvenience of shifting a piano is only too true. You will be surprised how many home owners have their very own piano stored in their property that has proven to be an invaluable dust collector. Very rarely do we encounter a piano in a property that is in active use.

However, some of these instruments are considered as art. It’s important to take every appropriate measure to ensure that the item remains intact and without any damage.

As with any large items that are being moved you need to measure it, the area, your path and any storage facility that it may or may not be going into. Traditional man and van in London will be able to provide you with the correct transportation practices.

White fitted wardrobe in bedroom

Large Fixed Wardrobes

Now a large flat-packed wardrobe is no problem at all – let’s get that straight.

However, the introduction of a fitted wardrobe makes a considerable difference to your ability to transport it safely without causing damages. We completed a removal for a driving instructor recently who provided driving lessons in London

He needed two fitted wardrobes detached and relocated to his new home. It was important that we used the correct tools and took a number of measurements to make sure that the wardrobes could successfully fit into our removal van and the new property.


In the past we have been fortunate enough to work closely with a number of fine art dealers.

Some of the artwork that they exhibit are truly breath-taking and hold a lot of value. If you are planning on transporting a number of valuable artwork pieces, it’s best to hire a removals company that specialises in the transportation of valuable goods.

Certain insurance measures will be needed and specific handling measures to ensure that the piece maintains its integrity.

Expensive Tech

There are many items that could fall into this category. A few that come to mind are LED Flat Panel Televisions, iMac’s, Home Cinema Systems and even smaller kitchen appliances.

To make sure that these are transported correctly it’s important to use the correct storage equipment and boxes. Larger, stronger boxes are preferred as they are able to withstand more weight without collapsing.

It is equally important to make sure that specific items have been correctly packed away with any power adaptors neatly packed alongside them.

Flat screen television on stand in house

Fridge Freezers

You cannot simply unplug your fridge freezer the same day you move. Not only is it not possible but it would be extremely dangerous.

A removal company in London will need to defrost the fridge freezer in advance and then proceed to take the following steps.

Remove any remaining food and drinks, remove the power supply and leave the door open (surrounding it with towels), constantly checking the defrosting process for any excess water, thoroughly clean each storage draw by hand, remove and clean any shelving units and finally make sure that the doors are kept open to prevent any mould from developing.


You should never disconnect or reconnect a gas oven yourself and neither should your chosen removal company. You will need to qualified plumber in Milton Keynes who is gas qualified via the Gas Safe Register to disconnect and assess the appliance.

The oven should be cleaned thoroughly and any insecure items like shelves should be removed.

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