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Now 9/10 times, the person that has been asked to orchestrate the office move knows nothing about it. They are simply given a few key dates and packing materials and asked to get on with it. How you communicate effectively with that information can be what turns your office relocation into a walk in the park instead of the nightmare that you so seemingly think it will become.

The easiest way to make the office move go smoothly is by communicating effectively and in the right way. There is no point in screaming from the back of the office to get your point across. Use these tips to help communicate office relocation’s effectively:

  • 1. Make Them Aware Early
  • 2. Build a Team
  • 3. Communicate Effectively
  • 4. Provide Assistance
  • 5. Settle Down and Review

Make Them Aware Early

As an employee, to be told that the entire office was moving the day before everything happened would certainly raise my stress levels. An employee tends to pack and organise their own belongings before the move and if you simply throw this upon them with hours to spare then trouble will occur.

Make sure that your employees have plenty of time to organise their items and pack away their desks. We suggest giving them at least 48-hours notice.

Build a Team

Think of moving as a team sport. Gather the senior employees together and explain in greater detail exactly what is happening and when. This is a great opportunity to delegate some tasks and reduce your own workload.

Ask the senior figures for each department to have things ready by a set date and time. This way your entire faculty will be ready for a smooth move when the time comes.

Communicate Effectively

You have to make sure that everyone knows their roles and what’s happening and when. Previous clients have often held company-wide meetings to ensure that everyone is reading from the same hymn-sheet so to speak.

These meetings are an opportunity to get any concerns on the table and confirm and relocation dates or removal companies. Removal companies in London and surrounding boroughs will need to know exact times and dates for removal to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Provide Assistance

As a senior figure in any company that is tasked with relocating an entire office, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If you have completed your own personal tasks and packing needs, offer assistance to other staff members to reduce the stress.

It has proven that relocations where there is more than one person packing, it usually takes up to 5 different people to clear one room alone.

Settle Down and Review

Once the move has been completed, it can be easy to get back into your usual routines and forget that the move ever happened. However, some employees take longer than others to settle into a new working environment.

A few days after the move is complete, allow the departments some time to settle before calling a company-wide meeting. This is a great chance to see how everyone is settling and to discuss any concerns employees may have.

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