Things not to Forget at Christmas

Here at Davis and Mac – we love Christmas. It is such a positive time of the year. Communities tend to come together, and everyone appears to be a lot happier.

During the festive season, there are a number of things that cannot go missing. Christmas simply would not be the same without them! Certainly not in our homes.

When you are getting your Christmas decorations out of the loft, consider these tasks too! The 5 things you cannot forget at Christmas include; the Christmas tree, the Christmas Day roast, decorations, the annual family movie and Christmas markets.

Granted, it is quite difficult to forget a few of these – but it has been done!

The Traditions

The Christmas Tree is the ultimate centrepiece for any family home at Christmas. Whether you decide on a traditional Fur Tree or an Artificial Tree – decorating it with the kids will certainly build on the excitement (for the adults too). Christmas without a tree is like Ant without Dec – it wouldn’t seem right!

Now, what is Christmas without a traditional Christmas dinner? Let’s get it out of the way early. Christmas dinner without Pigs in Blankets isn’t a Christmas dinner. It is simply just a slightly more luxurious Sunday roast. For those that are not up to speed with English culture – there is a difference between a Sunday roast and a Christmas dinner…

For me, you can’t have Christmas without a good ole dinner – it’s one of the best parts!

If I could, I would decorate my apartment with Christmas decorations every year. I do my best to get as many sorted for the interior but being 4-floors up makes it difficult to get your exterior Christmas decoration groove on.

There are some cleaners in Milton Keynes that live near to a street that all combine their festive efforts in a bid to raise money for a local Children’s Charity. Quite frankly, what they achieve year after year is incredible so if they can make an effort to make a little difference – surely we can right?

Christmas markets are great fun for all the family. I find it strange when friends say they don’t enjoy them. It’s a great day/evening out for the family and is great if you are searching for something to lift your Christmas spirits (Scrooges should probably stay away).

And finally, the annual chaotic episode of a Christmas game of Monopoly. Now this simple, yet highly competitive board game has been played in my home at Christmas every year for as long as I can remember. I will warn you now, though – play with caution, it does have the ability to bring out the worst in people!

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