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Noisy neighbours, small work space or even a growing family?

These are just a few of the reasons why businesses and homeowners look to re-locate their staff and families.

I know from experience that a small working environment can be frustrating and limit your efficiency. Just think of all of that extra room you could have if you moved to a lovely new office with extra floor space!

In the past before I was working for myself, I worked for a local company in London. For years we continued to work in a small office, with two desks and that was it. Despite needing extra room for storage and taking deliveries – it just wasn’t possible.

This week we take a look at 5 reasons why you might consider relocating and the benefits that they could potentially bring with them.

Small Working Environment

We touched on this area briefly above, but from my own experiences with Davis and Mac, we find that both businesses and homeowners tend to move for the same reason.


As businesses expand and develop a larger reputation, it is natural for staffing needs to rise. Those extra staff members all need a place to work and complete their employment duties. Small offices can limit the amount of staff that you employ and result in your company losing out on potentially valuable business.

Growing Families

For residential homeowners, there is a similar problem.

Like a business expanding, families do so too. Over time it is expected that couples will look at having children. Unfortunately, a basic one or two bedroom property isn’t going to provide you with enough room.

Over 21% of households in the UK have more than four people living there. This was taken from the latest study produced by The Office of National Statistics. It shows that the volume of people living on their own is still high – However, there is 72% of households that contain two people or more.

So it looks like moving residential properties is inevitable at some point.

New Work Commitments

We are incredibly fortunate in the UK when it comes to employment. One of the 5 reasons why you might consider relocating is commuting and working hours.

We have many recruitment schemes in place, apprenticeships, internships and paid work experience. Another popular reason for domestic customers to relocate is due to new or upcoming working commitments.

For example; we worked with a customer back in 2015 who had a very good job based in Central London. After a number of years in the role, he decided to call it a day and find something closer to home, reducing the hour and half commute down to a very reasonable 20-minutes.

The 2011 census published that 11,260,336 full time working homeowners in the UK travelled from one local area to another for employment purposes and I am certain that, that figure has risen even more over the years.


I fully appreciate that people’s earnings vary and job security isn’t a subject that we want to worry ourselves with.

Fortunately, for a select few, jobs remain secure no matter what. However, for some that isn’t the case and can have significant impacts on their lifestyle outside of work.

We took 10-properties at random from RightMove.co.uk and discovered that the average price of a 3-bedroom semi-detached property in Greater London was £547,870 compared to a property of the same size in Northamptonshire that averaged just £188,058!

That’s a potential saving of £359,812 just for living in a different location and not compromising on size! Granted there would still be commuting fees involved but you would still save yourself a lot of money.

It certainly makes sense and you can see why homeowners do it.

New Opportunities

This next point is based around business owners primarily but may be valid for some residential property owners, especially if you are self-employed. This is our final reason of the 5 reasons why you might consider relocating.

As your business grows, so do the opportunities.

A great example of this is of a company that I read about based in Milton Keynes. They had been trading for a number of years and built a great reputation in the surrounding areas. The owner decided it was time to expand and take advantage of the great attention that they were receiving.

With the decision made, the company decided to open a new branch in a completely new location by the coast.

Whether or not that business decision was successful remains to be seen but the point still stands. If you feel that you can improve your business by relocating, why not try it? (I want to be clear here – this is not business advice). I would always suggest making preparations first just in case it doesn’t go as planned.

I hope you have enjoyed our article which has provided you with 5 reasons why you might consider relocating. If you are considering relocating and are currently based in Central London, give us a call. We have a team of experienced removal men available with more than 20-years experience. They provide services such as Man and Van in London, Packing and Storage.

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