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We are more than aware of the troubles and difficulties associated with getting little ones off to bed easily. Bedtime is a challenge for most of us parents, but for those who don’t struggle with this perpetual problem, well we’re incredibly envious. We have found a selection of the most luxury children’s beds to transform their room into the ultimate child’s dream and help make bedtime less of a challenge. Even if your children are little angels when it comes to being put to bed, the joy these designer beds will bring to your children will all be worth it.

Why Opt for Luxury Children’s Beds

If you are looking for a spectacularly unique and high-quality designer bed for your little one, then we have found some of the most creative children’s bed available on the market. The beds we have found will not only make bedtimes more appealing, but most of them provide useful storage solutions and an innovative place to play. This article may not be for you if you are looking to buy a new bed on a budget. However, if you are thinking of designing and building your child’s bed yourself, then this article, at the very least, may provide a source of inspiration.

The Little Mermaid Shell Bed in Rainbow Finish

This bed, inspired by the book and film ‘The Little Mermaid’, comes with a price tag of £12,410. If you have a little mermaid living in your home, then this bed might just fulfil all of their magical dreams. Transform your child’s bedroom into an underwater world by incorporating a soft palette of gentle sea colours and elements of fantasy aquatic creatures. This bed is made to order, built from fibreglass and perfected with a rainbow pearl finish. The enchanting clam style bed comes with subtle mood lighting incorporated into its design as a handy safety feature. Although the price tag is heavy, the cost is reflected in the quality of the craftsmanship. It takes 14 weeks for delivery and is non-refundable due to the unique nature of the design.

Traditional Indian Teepee Tent

Transform your child’s bedroom into the indigenous American plains, home to the Native Red Indians. Whether you have a keen Pocahontas fan or a Native American enthusiast living under your roof, this traditional looking teepee is the ideal bed. Handbuilt from oak veneer, aluminium, brass, acrylic and synthetic leather, this child’s bed is a product of true workmanship and worth the heavy price tag of £17,500. Other features of this unique bed design includes handy wheels so that it can be transported easily, underneath toy storage and built-in shelving units. This bed is ideal for inspiring hours of imaginative play.

Sky B Plane Bed

If you have a little pilot living at home, then incorporate a little aviation inspired magic into their bedroom with this plane style bed. If you are looking for a way to help ease the transition between cot and junior bed, then this is the ideal solution. Cover the bedroom ceiling with glow in the dark stars or fairy lights to give the illusion they are embarking on aeronautical nighttime adventures. The bed combines plenty of storage compartments and a decorative suitcase that allows for easy access up to the plane. There is additional secret storage on both sides of the wings and in the suitcases. The plane itself is made from a combination of fibreglass, stainless steel, veneered wood and finished in a glossy yellow varnish. This bed, like the others, is made-to-order, non-returnable and costs in the region of £18,000.

Fantasy Hot Air Balloon Bed

This bed was inspired by the Disney film ‘Up’ about a 78-year-old widower who ties thousands of balloons to his home and flies to the South American wilderness. This circular shaped basket bed is handcrafted from a combination of wood, wicker, synthetic leather and silk. The off-white and gold colour scheme of the hot air balloon bed makes it the perfect centre point for a baby’s nursery. Incorporate light neutral shades of grey and beige into the design of the bedroom. When your little one has grown out of the junior bed, the hot air balloon transforms into a circular sofa that can be used for children and adults of all ages. The bed also comes with convenient hidden storage space, ideal for storing toys and clutter in. It is entirely unisex and will last all the way from when your little ones are barely walking up to their early teenage years. You can order purchase this magical make-believe masterpiece for £22,195.

Camper Van Kids Bed

This statement child’s bed is at the top of the price range and is available for as little as £33,140. It is modelled on the iconic Volkswagen split screen camper van and is built from a combination of high quality, durable materials. The body of the camper van is made entirely from fibreglass with a glossy powder blue and white chrome finish. The luxury interior of the van is made from Palisander wood veneer and includes a comfy junior bed, a child-size quality hardwood desk, a plush sofa, mini fridge and fully functioning TV. There is also extensive space and drawers within the van for storing toys, clothes and other infant belongings. Encourage your little explorers’ imaginations and provide them with inspiration for endless amounts of exploration fun and games with this Camper van bed. Decorate the rest of the room in a wild explorer theme and incorporate shades of blue and green to match with the exterior design of the van.


Overall, we have found some of the most exclusive and impressive children’s beds available. Obviously, these will not be to all parent’s taste and do slightly overstep the affordable budget bed line, but you cannot dismiss the creativity and incredible workmanship that has gone into creating these masterpieces. If you are thinking of purchasing one of these magical designer beds but are worried your child may grow out of it too quickly, then here at Davis & Mac, we provide high-end temporary or permanent storage solutions in London. If you have enjoyed this article, please give it a share on your social media.

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