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There must be hundreds, if not thousands of domestic house moves every year and with each move comes the chaos of packing and organising your most valued items. Fortunately, when you are moving house there are a lot of options available to you that can really help the time fly and make everything about your move an enjoyable experience.

A man and van London will help you to pack your items, load them onto an insured vehicle and transport them to your new home. They will even help you to unload and deliver your items directly to your doorstep (or to each room if you would prefer).

As well as transporting items, a local professional company can also help you with the absolutely must do jobs. These can include; packing, organising items, delivering and even building plat packed furniture.

However, let’s stick to what we set out to help you with. Packing when moving home can be very tedious and often leads to small mistakes being made through no fault of your own. Use these packing ideas to help you on your way.

What You Will Need to Start Packing

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Boxes
  • Masking Tape
  • Marker Pens
  • Vacuum Pack Clothing Storage

#1 Bubble Wrap

Now we all know what this is and how it works. However, you will be surprised at how many people try to pack delicate items without protecting them. It’s no surprise that their great grandmothers vase has a whopping crack down the inside.

Fortunately, our removals company in Chelsea can help pack your items safely and securely to prevent situations like this from occurring. We will provide you with as much bubble wrap as you can handle to ensure that your prized possessions remain in mint condition.

#2 Boxes

The use of cardboard boxes is the easiest way to store and transport your items when moving house. Many people assume that you need to buy a bulk load from a local stationary outlet but that simply isn’t the case.

Contact local charities and businesses to see if they have any spare or unused cardboard boxes that you can use. A great example is the driving instructor in Slough that recently moved to London.

As he was working six days a week, he rarely had time to contact local businesses. Fortunately, on one of his driving lessons Slough he was picking up a pupil from their place of work, which happened to be a plumbing and heating firm.

He simply asked the question and the next he had a boot full of cardboard boxes that were all free of charge.

#3 Masking Tape

Now this doesn’t need to be the very best on the market but a good quality masking tape will be much easier to use and certainly more secure. Cheaper masking tape can sometimes lack the amount of “stick” to secure the cardboard and has been known to separate leaving the boxes wide open and the items damaged.

We suggest spending a little more to ensure that your prized possession are kept safe when moving.

#4 Marker Pens

What’s the point in spending all of that time packing and not getting organised? It certainly seems a little foolish and will only add time to your move.

Marker pens are a great and cheap way to organise your packed boxes before they are loaded and transported by your chosen man and van Hammersmith.

Simply mark the room that the items belong to on the top of the box so it is easy to read. The removals team will then know exactly where to place it on arrival and help you when you come to unpacking.

#5 Vacuum Pack Clothing Storage

Hear us out here – It may not be the most glamorous but it certainly saves time and space. There are various forms of vacuum pack storage available and they are exactly what the name suggests.

Simply organise, fold and place your clothing into one of the vacuum packs, seal and attach any standard domestic vacuum cleaner. Switch the cleaner on and see all of the available air within the packaging sucked right out, instantly shrinking the packaging.

This makes it absolutely perfect for storing during a move and can save you money on removal fees.


Firstly, consider hiring a man and van or removals service. They can help to pack, load, transport and unload your items all for a very competitive price.

Consider using the above packing tips when moving house to help save time, space, money and general productivity.

If you do need any assistance when moving house you can always give us a call. Our team of removal experts are always on hand to provide answers to any questions that you may have.

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