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If you didn’t manage to get your home ready for Spring, then use this opportunity to tell yourself that you’ll get it redecorated in time for Summer. If you have older children, then utilising them throughout the 6-week summer holiday is ideal! Here are several ways to redecorate your home in time for summer.

Top Tip Ways to Redecorate

Redecorating does not need to be a massive job, and it doesn’t need to be done all in one go. However, it is suggested that you re-paint your walls every 12-24 months, and the summer weather is the perfect time to get it done.

Carpets tend to have a much longer lifespan and generally do not need replacing until after 5, and up to 15 years. Nevertheless, this is dependent on their upkeep and maintenance and can be trickier to maintain with a household full of children and pets. Larger family carpets will often see much more foot traffic than the carpets belonging to smaller families.

It is not as necessary to regularly change your curtains or blinds, especially if they are in good condition and you like the look at them. Curtains do naturally attract dust and absorb odours, so in order to keep your home looking and feeling clean and fresh, it is important to wash them regularly. Below we have listed some of the easiest ways you can redecorate your home ready to enjoy it throughout the summer.

1. Adding Colour

Adding bursts of colour will help to transform your home into a summer-ready haven. The addition of new curtains, pillows, cushions and rugs will really help to lighten up any room. Choose colours that will enhance the rest of the furnishings in your room but opt, if you can, for yellows, light greens, turquoise and pale blue hues. Small changes to your room will go a long way to ensuring that it feels summery.

Having your furniture upholstered is an excellent, but costly, way to transform your living room. Opting for either white or pastel shades of material gives you the ability to add bursts of colour to the rest of the room.

2. Fresh Flowers and Pot Plants

This option does require a little maintenance – a bit like looking after children; you must remember to feed, water and love your pot plants. However, it is the ideal way to incorporate the summer into your home. Keep potted plants and flowers growing outside in your garden, patio or veranda. This way you will always have a supply of fresh flowers to decorate your home with. Display beautiful arrangements of your own grown flowers in large vases on sideboards and coffee tables. You can switch it up throughout the summer by bringing different flowers into your home.

Adding potted herbs to your kitchen is the perfect way to keep your kitchen looking fresh, and you can then use these to cook with. We suggest basil, coriander and rocket which are all ideal for summer salads. The addition of plants, such as aloe vera, are great for bathrooms. Aloe vera is also essential for easing summer sunburn.

3. Windows

Summer is an ideal time to think about your windows. They are the gateway to your garden and fill your home with light and summeriness. However, if you have small children, you may want to invest in some blackout blinds. Getting children to sleep when it is still light as day outside can be difficult and installing some blackout blinds could be the solution.

Although dark blinds are practical for bedrooms, the summer weather may be tempting you to invest in some light voile curtains. These are an ideal addition to living rooms, bathrooms and conservatories and will lighten up any room. These style of curtains are relatively cost-effective and are easily changeable so that you can swap back to your existing curtains when the weather cools down. You can also take this opportunity to either clean your windows yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Having your windows clean for summer can create a good feeling.

4. Painting

There are lots of different parts of your house that you can paint in order to help prepare it for the summer season. We suggest painting the main walls in your house in very light cool tones; white and grey hues will always enhance the presence of natural light. Painting old items of furniture that you have considered getting rid of may help to prolong their life. You can also decide to paint other aspects of your home; if you have dark wooden floorboards, these can always be improved with a layer of white paint to give them that shabby chic style.

Instead of buying new outdoor furniture in time for the summer, bring a new lease of life to your old outdoor woodwork and just repaint it. If you have dark coloured outdoor furniture or wooden furniture that is just in need of some TLC, then take summer as an opportunity to give it all a refurbishment. If you have hardwood furniture, make sure to protect it with teak oil. Apply the oil using a rag an rub it in gently, making sure to follow the grain. Make sure to allow the first coat of oil to dry properly before adding the second. This should be done every few months to protect your outdoor furniture effectively.


These are just some of the main ways you can get your home ready so that you can enjoy it throughout the summer months. We also suggest decluttering before you start redecorating. Whether you decide you want to completely clear out a lot of unnecessary clutter, or simply put it into storage until you have a proper use for it, decluttering is a good way to start your decorating project. Redecorating your home does not need to be expensive and is a task you can easily do by yourself or with friends and family. Hopefully, we have effectively covered both the luxury and the cheaper alternative ways of redecorating your home this summer.

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