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With the ever-growing rise in property prices, it is thought that at least one-third of the UK population opt for renting a property as opposed to taking on a mortgage. There is a plethora of benefits of renting rather than buying, not to mention the reduced cost and how much simpler it becomes to get on the property ladder.

Renting a home is a significant investment, which means that it often pays to be somewhat picky. Although this is important to ensure that you track down the perfect home to suit your requirements, choosy tenants do make renting a trickier task for landlords. However, there are a few effective ways that you can help to get your property rented faster with happy, reliable tenants.

Get Your Property Rented Faster With These Tips

As a landlord, tenants are the number one source of income to contribute towards paying vital fees such as holding costs, insurance and most of all, mortgage. Without the support of renting income, you can quickly find yourself in a spot of trouble.

Tenants relocating and moving onto their next property isn’t something that you simply cannot avoid, you cannot guarantee that they will stay in the same home forever, which means that at some point in your role as a landlord, you will need to find new tenants. There are many different ways that you can help make your property stand out from the crowd, attract new tenants and build a reliable reputation to encourage people to invest their money into you.

1. High-Quality Photos

The first thing that is going to grab the attention of a renter is the photos that you use to advertise your property. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, so use this to your advantage.

The rule of thumb is the more high-quality photos that you can provide, the more trustworthy, both you and your property look – not many photos give the impression that there is something that you are trying to hide, or that you are only showcasing the nice sections of the house. Advertising photos will depict whether potential tenants decide to investigate further and book a tour.

Depending on your budget, it is your choice whether you opt for hiring a professional photographer or you use your own skills to take some snaps. Either way, there are a few key tips that will help to ensure that your photos are high-quality, accurate and appealing:

  • Always take photos during the day, ideally when the sun is at its brightest
  • Turn on all lights in the home
  • Remove all items that will dampen the appearance such as clutter, rubbish or if you are carrying out DIY work, building materials
  • Open all curtains and blinds to allow in natural light

For more top tips on ensuring each room in your home is photo-ready, take a look at Your Move.

2. Allow Pets

Being open to four-legged friends in the family will dramatically widen your attraction to tenants and is particularly useful if you have been struggling to rent your property. While pets do mean that you are increasing the risk of damage, allowing pets in the home is often a huge deal-breaker for tenants.

If you are particularly worried about the temperamental moments of pets, you may want to consider adding a little more onto the monthly rent figure. Although the additional fee doesn’t have to be something significant, it can work towards paying for any repairs or replacements you may need to make.

3. Make Improvements To Add Value

You would be surprised how much of an impact even the smallest of home improvements can make to how quickly you will attract new potential tenants. It is vital to, no matter whether you are searching for new tenants or not, to keep on top of regular home maintenance tasks such as clearing out gutters and adding a fresh coat of paint to tired-looking walls.

Considering updating your appliances can also prove incredibly beneficial. Brand new, fully functioning appliances, to renters, will be an added extra that they won’t have to pay for when they move in. The more homely and welcoming your property appears, the quicker they’ll want to get moved in. Anything from a new fridge to oven can make a world of difference.

4. Utilise Social Media

Nowadays, social media is one of the biggest influencers in helping the public make decisions. Latest research proves that the average person spends around 135 minutes a day on social media, which you can use to your advantage to shout about your property.

If you are renting your property through a limited company, it is more than likely that they will be active social media users, so always ensure that they have posted your property. Read through the post to make sure that they are showing your property is a positive light and have reflected all of the points that you want to include. Don’t be afraid to ask for alterations; it is more than likely that they will be happy to edit posts to suit your requirements.

5. Make Your Listing Detailed

The more detailed and thorough your property description is, the more you will appeal to tenants, you are essentially making their decision as easy as possible. Unless you have been asked to do so, aim to avoid writing an essay-style description of your property and instead opt for using bullet points. It is more than likely that potential tenants would have spent hours previously researching different options, so do not want to be faced with a long, dull description. Bullet points allow you to get straight to the point, helping people to absorb as much information as possible in a short amount of time.

When writing your description, highlight all of the points that cannot be picked up via the photos you display. These points can be anything from the council tax band to room dimensions and local amenities such as local supermarkets and schools.

6. Be Flexible

Being as flexible as possible with viewing times and having the ability to accommodate the requests of tenants, again, will play to your advantage. Everyone has a busy schedule, whether this may be work or home commitments, and when considering booking appointments, aims to find a time that best slots into their day. Turning down viewing requests and asking to reschedule can have a huge impact on whether potential tenants decide to continue their interest in your property. If a tenant does ask for a house viewing and you are busy, perhaps see whether a family member, friend or neighbour can take your place.

7. Highlight Strengths

When it comes to trying to persuade people to invest their money into your property, there is no such thing as blowing your own trumpet. If your property holds particular features that will help you to stand out from the crowd, shout about it!

One of the key attractions to many tenants is a large garden, which is particularly appealing in new-build houses. So, if your property has a large garden area in a location where this is often rare, ensure that you highlight in your listing the dimensions along with photos. Other popular strengths that will help towards getting your property rented quicker include walk-in wardrobes, an office or laundry room.

8. Offer Special Discounts

Money is often the most influential factor in making a decision about just about anything – they do say that money makes the world go round. This means, that if you are happy to make slight alterations and perhaps see an initial loss, you may want to consider offering special discounts to tenants who are showing a lot of interest.

When renting a home, tenants will have what seems like a never-ending list of fees that they need to cover, so if you are happy to reduce this, it is more than likely that they will jump at the opportunity to save money. You could suggest a lower monthly renting fee in exchange for a longer lease or offer a ‘first-month free’ offer if they sign the lease by an allocated deadline date.

9. Provide A Floor Plan

Before starting to envision themselves in a home or consider booking a viewing, potential tenants need to understand whether your property meets their living requirements. Tenants are moving home for a reason, whether this is because they need more room for a growing family or they want to downsize, which means that providing a floor plan is vital.

The layout of your property needs to be fit for their purpose, for example, if a tenant has a young family, downstairs bedrooms would not be suitable as both parents and children all need to be on the same floor for safety. Similarly to those who are elderly, amenities such as a downstairs toilet would be beneficial.

10. Spread The Word

Although we have left this point until last, it most definitely doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of the most important. Your property is not going to be seen by tenants if you do not spread the word. This can be anything from advertising on websites such as Rightmove, to putting up a ‘For Let’ sign outside of your property.

If finding tenants is becoming a particular struggle, we suggest taking a look into investing in a premium listing on Rightmove. Here you will still be able to do the basics such as create a personalised advert and communicate through your 24/7 dashboard, but you will also be able to display more than one cover photo. On average, those who advertise using a premium listing do get considerably more views.

Get Your Property Rented Today!

Renting your property in a busy city or town can, at first, prove tricky due to the competitiveness. However, with some initial planning and additional work, you can help your property to stand out from the crowd and win over potential tenants. If you are moving property in and around London and require some help to transport your belongings, please feel free to contact us for our experience man and van Kensington.

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